back to article Dell looking at higher debt mountain to buy EMC

Dell is facing its EMC acquisition debt mountain growing yet higher because the Wall St bond market will need higher interest payments to fund the deal. That could highlight product overlap costs to ex-money man David Goulden who will run the new Enterprise Systems Group, covering its servers, storage, networking, converged …

  1. x 7

    are you using "disposal" as a euphemism for "closure"?

    I can't see Dell allowing any of these duplicates to be sold off to become external competition. More likely there will be a series of product culls

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gutted for Compellent

    As an Ex Compellent user and currently working with VNX, I can see the better tech loosing out. Compellent is massively better than VNX which has just feels old in the tooth now. Just hope that Compellent wins as its definitely the better of the two for Mid storage.

    1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: Gutted for Compellent

      Gotta say I agree. Compellent is bloody brilliant. Can't say I'd like to see VNX replacing it any time soon...

  3. damnyankee

    Chart is incomplete at best

    and disingenuous at worst. Dell DR series appliances will be culled eventually, but they'll roll the Ocarina Dedupe/compression patents into the Data Domain gear as much as possible. The entry level array leaves out the Dell Compellent v2000 series, and the VNXe, ignoring that PowerVault (a NetApp E-series product) was going to be culled anyway because it's an OEM deal and Dell really hates cutting NetApp checks for a shitty product.

    Dell's filer products are better than the Celerra portions of VNX unified/VNX Gateway, and so if Dell are smart, they'll toss that portion of VNX for the Dell (I believe it was either RNA or spinnaker?) filer code.

    EMC also have Avamar, and Dell have been looking to ditch AppAssure/Rapid Recovery as quickly as possible in the face of massive code problems they didn't see during the acquisition. It's just starting to improve as they switched its development to the old Quest team instead of the AppAssure team who just don't know how to build a data storage backend. Dell vRanger & NetVault are in a precarious position in the face of Networker & Avamar, though NetVault appears to have a decent core.

  4. Storage Guy

    6-year old with calc fail

    Disclosure: EMC Emerging Tech employee

    Reviewing just the storage products, you're 6-year old is failing to look it at this from a market perspective. If you break this down by entry, mid-range and high-end markets there is far less overlap. Where Dell has products and strong share in the entry market, EMC does not. The mid-range segment introduces a bit of overlapping product with predominate share being EMC. For the high-end of the market, EMC brings the tech and share where Dell is weakly positioned today.

    It actually makes for a pretty compelling portfolio offering that does not leave many gaps in the available markets .

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Need to cut some costs?

    ...then look no further than Mark Hurd.

  6. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Buying EMC, eh?

    Why not redo the utter disgrace that is the Dell website? (due to being a cobbled-together mess of dedicated consumer confusion, who then get told that they actually CAN'T configure the stuff they want the way they want it)

  7. PNGuinn

    And in other news ....

    China and AMD .....

    So when the dust has settled on this one and all possible "synergies" have been implemented the Middle Kingdom is ready to ship lots and lots of server hardware ...

    Who'da thunk it?

  8. froberts2

    Legato Networker

    Why would anyone take advice from someone that doesn't realize that "Legato" and "Networker" are the same thing...

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