back to article Azure Australia turns on physical data import/export service

Microsoft's flicked the switch on its Azure physical data import service for Australia and Japan. The arrival of the service means that those using Azure's Australia East, Australia Southeast and Japan West locations can now ship 3.5 inch SATA drives to Microsoft, which will upload the contents to Azure storage. Redmond's …

  1. Knoydart

    East island

    Why not jump on the next plane to the east island and bring your hard drives with you. You can use the shiny New Zealand UFB set up to seed your cloud - maybe even the gigatown infrastructure in Dunedin. You might even find a hobbit or two to hang out with or drink some decent beer.

  2. DavidRa

    Hogwash! Hogwash I say!

    Symmetric plans were on the NBN roadmap for 2014 - and would have been no problem had we stuck to the FTTP rollout (which has also reduced costs as predicted it would, though I'm not 100% sure the numbers match perfectly).

  3. foo_bar_baz

    "rival clouds are trying to overcome the problem of cloud seeding in different ways."

    Disingenuous or just ignorant?

    You still can't beat the bandwidth of a truck filled with disks, which Amazon acknowledges. AWS too provides an import/export service using portable media: "Disk is often faster than Internet transfer and more cost effective than upgrading your connectivity."

    A gratuitous bash at the NBN (which deserves bashing). This is just Microsoft ticking a box in its copy-AWS-features list.

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