back to article Goodbye: XPoint is Intel's best exit from NAND production hell

3D XPoint memory represents a door way to non-volatile profits for Intel and a passage away from NAND production, which is bedevilled by over-supply from costly fabrication plants with high costs. This idea starts from a simple question: how is Intel’s flash business doing? Not well, according to a financial analyst. In its …

  1. asdf

    >XPoint requires changes in system-level software – meaning Linux and Windows

    Linux especially due to Android which I am guessing might be one of the largest markets since flash is even more synonymous with phones and tablets than desktops.

  2. Gene Cash Silver badge

    > Micron and Intel should be able to match XPoint chip volume production to demand; meaning no over-supply

    Actually meaning no sales, since it'll be expensive as hell, so people will buy something else.

    1. asdf

      Yep it might be early production is so expensive it goes first into HPC and the magical HP Machine and its ilk.

  3. Gordon 10 Silver badge


    "Intel, or Micron, may well decide to try and buy SK Hynix before Samsung or WD-SanDisk-Toshiba does, and so gain manufacturing volume"

    How on earth is the solution to overproduction to buy more production? Especially when the biggest cost is the capital cost of the plants not the raw materials.

    If Xpoint is even as half as good as the hype Intel will be switching their nand lines to Xpoint as quickly as their market suggestions tell them too, if they are smart they could kill all the competition at birth, by pricing low enough to drive it out before they can achieve economies with their own products.

    1. LaeMing

      Intel... If they are smart...

      History doesn't have much good to say on that combination of concepts! :-)

  4. Colin Tree

    problems ? playing games ?

    Why haven't we seen the market flooded with XPoint ?

    Manufacturing problems ?

    Not as good as the hype ?

    Intel wants to flog new processors to use XPoint ?

    Will we see XPoint on a board with an Arm processor ?

    Will AMD be able to incorporate XPoint ?

    JEDEC standard ?

    questions questions questions,

    I've stopped holding my breath

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