back to article Dell gives up on vWorkspace virtual desktops

Dell has decided to cease further development of its vWorkspace product, a desktop virtualisation (VDI) tool it acquired along with Quest back in 2012. In a statement sent to The Register's virtualisation desk, Dell said it is “transitioning vWorkspace to maintenance and support of its existing product.” “Current customers …

  1. TonyJ

    It wasn't a bad product

    Worked with it, albeit briefly, early last year and it wasn't actually a bad product in and of itself.

    But prior to actually working with it, I think I'd heard reference to it maybe once or twice before and that particular installation was the only one in the wild I'd ever come across, so niche product.

    But then...VDI...meh.

  2. Bigpatc

    VWorkspace = Quest

    Big fact fail in the article. Quest built Vworkspace and Dell acquire the product with the quest acquisition. Wyse makes thin clients and did not offer a full VDI solution.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: VWorkspace = Quest

      Quest didn't build the product, it was originally written by Provision Networks. You can still see this in the product as a large number of components are still called PNsomething.

      Quest bought Provision then got swallowed up by Dell

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