back to article VMware says users run away screaming after trying OpenStack

VMware has reported a cracking first quarter for 2016, with year-on-year revenue growth of five per cent making for a US$1.59bn revenue haul for the three months to March 31st. Not everything is rosy down VMware way: compute virtualisation sales were off ten percent and revenue down one point, as expected. Licence sales ticked …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The OpenStack comment isn't totally surprising

    “Customers have attempted to take advantage of OpenStack distributions or components and after throwing tens of engineers at it they are unable to get a reliable scalable environment,” Gelsinger said.

    It's well known that OpenStack takes a lot of effort to implement well. Places wanting a less labour-intensive-setup environment would probably be better of with a Virtualisation (not Cloud) platform, such as oVirt/RHEV/or-any-of-the-many-other-choices. Make their "Cloud" in that. :)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: The OpenStack comment isn't totally surprising

      Agreed, and setting up an actual cloud with VMware isn't a walk in the park either. Any fool can configure a vSphere cluster, but making that a real cloud is not trivial, and the $10k/CPU licensing pays for a lot of engineer days on OpenStack.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well, I think the reason for that is improper sales effort of OpenStack. OpenStack is a powerful tool, but it requires knowledge. I do not set unrealistic expectations at my customers, and the ones who do try and do their homework, generally come away quite happy with OpenStack.

    But no, if you are of the next, next, done, type, then OpenStack is definitely not for you, but you should instead look into Azure or VMware.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Company claims open source project that threatens their core product is bad, more news at 6.

    Not surprising that a company selling a product competing with an open source project would take any chance it could to disparage it.

    Even though VMware has openstack integration, the open source kvm driver for it is a big threat to VMware so it is absolutely not in their interest to push openstack adoption.

    Perhaps next we can get a quote from Cisco about commodized network hardware, or maybe an enterprise storage company's opinion about the data from Google showing enterprise drives are a waste of money.

  4. wanguy your Openstack customer, Charter:

  5. pwl

    setting up openstack doesn't have to be difficult

    I wrote a post about this just yesterday.

  6. skies2006

    Maybe true previously. It have gotten a lot easier setting up large scale OpenStack clusters with the with the new reengineering engine (Core v2) in the Liberty release. With Mitaka it is much easier on both the operational side running and deploying the OpenStack cluster across many hardware servers.

    But in the long term the containerization datacenter architecture pioneered by Google will eat both VMware and OpenStack alive.

    The future belong to Rocket, CoreOS, Kubernettes, LXC/LVXD, Mesos, Dockers, containers-on-bare-iron, etc. Due to one driving thing: money (energy efficiency, hardware efficiency, increased speed in deployment and migration, perform more work with same hardware investment).

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