back to article Pusher's purist: Five steps to reaching your DevOps zen

Pusher describes itself as a hosted real-time messaging service, sporting as it does a selection of APIs, developer tools and open source libraries. The firm’s claim is that it simplifies the integration of real-time functionality into web and mobile applications. Developers are supposed to be attracted to Pusher for its …

  1. Little Mouse Silver badge

    The thing I like about DevOps is..

    Ah Hell - the Reg won't let me leave this bit completely empty.

  2. ST Silver badge

    Bullshit Tsunami

    > DevOps engineers are a force multiplier, so they don't necessarily need to scale up linearly with the team, particularly considering part of the role of a DevOps engineer is to share operational knowledge among an engineering team.

    Care to explain WTF that means?

    I could re-quote the entire article in here, because every single sub-heading is a Bullshit Container.


  3. Barely registers

    FIVE steps? I can do it in one....

    Do not let DevOps evangelists in the building.

  4. John 104

    "it's important to kill the silo that Ops (operations) used to live in and merge it into the Dev (developer) software engineering team"

    Why not this: "It's important to kill the silo that Dev (developers) used to live in and merge it into the Ops (Operations) engineering team."

    Seriously, this all just screams witch hunt to operations engineers. We don't know what they do in ops, but dev delivers applications (which are the only thing that makes money for our organization after all!). Here ops, deploy this app, its business critical. What? We don't have infrastructure for this? Let's blame Ops as a blocker then. And hey, while we are at it, LETS do ops. It can't be that hard can it? We can get management to buy in because it will reduce head count, saving the bottom line!

    I don't pretend to be a developer. I don't have the mind for it. I have the utmost respect for developers and their skills. However, most developers that I have engaged with in my career have no clue about what we do in ops. They don't understand networking. They don't understand systems. And really, they don't want too. They went to college to learn software development, not infrastructure operations. Rarely, you will find an engineer that can do both dev and ops. And they are usually placed in a senior role or management because they get both sides of the field.

    1. Doctor_Wibble

      Dev sees Ops as button-pushing monkeys?

      I had actually decided not to post any whiny comments on DevOps articles but...

      > Seriously, this all just screams witch hunt to operations engineers.

      The impression I get is that 'Ops' is seen as a bunch of button-pushing monkeys, who are clearly deficient if they can't magically make the Dev's thing fly like it did on the test box (do people still test things nowadays?).

      It's deja vu all over again, I blame the people who gave us the idea that a single button called 'publish web site' was somehow all there was to it because that then trickled upwards to those who never quite comprehended that somewhere in the basement was a machine that had to be turned off and then back on again and even that simple thing had to be done in accordance with a 500-page manual. And eating lumps of coal, living in a box on the street etc etc.

  5. John 104


    It means that there should be one senior engineer with some modicum of development knowledge that can liase between development and operations. What it means is that, surprise! there needs to be engineers to manage the infrastructure, developers to handle development, and some level of management between the two teams. NOT the elimination of one team to satisfy some buzz word marketing requirement.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still bullshit bingo I see

    True "devops" is something very few engineers could aspire to, and if they could, they'd be selling a product that other people could use. What *is* actually required is some automation, and here you're largely going to be reusing other people's scripts: you'd be silly to do otherwise.

    My fellow commenters have said all the other stuff I wanted to say....

  7. Esme


    'nuff said.

  8. Bibbit

    Lovely, lovely DevOps

    You have broken me El Reg. You have won by attrition and I have cracked like Winston Smith. 2 + 2 =5! I LOVE DevOps. I want to rub DevOps onto my skin. Mmmmmmmm. DevOps....DevOps...Devops...

    Happy now?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Lovely, lovely DevOps

      Does appear to be an obsession at El Reg, must be money in it.

      I wonder if it can be packaged like "Olive Oil for IT" ?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Lovely, lovely DevOps

        More like KY jelly :-)

  9. Nolveys

    6. An MBA.

    7. A full frontal lobotomy.

    8. A dump truck load of blow.

  10. disgruntled yank Silver badge

    baseline discussion at the coalface

    Or was that a breakdown in the silo? Perhaps I have spent too much time in the Midwest, but all this talk of silo destruction calls to mind grain elevator explosions.

  11. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Two weeks till the 3rd of May

    Can't come soon enough...

    1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Re: Two weeks till the 3rd of May

      But after the event there will be article after article about the proceedings...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seriously, is it just me?

    I don't get it, was all that i just read total bollocks or was there something meaningful in all that?

    I been a sysadmin, i've done development (not very well), i've supervised software projects, implemented systems across europe, project manager, technical lead on a SaaS migration, fixed a broken itil system, replaced it with another itil system, implemented call centre systems ...

    I like to think i have some relevent experience here. I get itsm/itil, managing a dept properly is a good thing. I get agile, dev aligned with what the client/business actually wants, makes sense. So devs working with ops, well we've always done that on the projects i've been involved in.

    So wtf? That article may as well have been written in Betelguesian Stick and Leaf Language (tm).

    Can anyone explain to me in simple monosylabics what devops is and what it does?

    1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Re: Seriously, is it just me?

      "Can anyone explain to me in simple monosylabics what devops is and what it does?"

      No. No-one can. Because once you have removed all the buzzwords, nothing remains.

  13. Terrance Brennan

    Nothing but the bad old days

    DevOps is nothing more than lazy developers trying to get back to the bad old days when they did no planning, design, or testing and just wanted to push their new code directly into production. I did battle with the Dev team a decade ago and after much pain, noise, and blood got them beaten into line where they had to present a coherent plan and verifiable test results before we would let their crap code near prod. Now, under the guise of DevOps, I am on a project where the developers had no plan, no design, and even though we set up a full test environment they never really looked at it. Doing development in production is a recipe for disaster and nothing more. I suppose 123-Reg should just say their issue this week was a good thing because it showed they are "disruptive" and cutting edge with DevOps.

  14. quxinot Silver badge

    Can't you recognize marketing when you see it?

    And you call yourself an IT pro.

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