back to article Killer Japan quake jolts Sony factories to a halt

Sony says that it will be resuming production at several of its largest Japan manufacturing facilities following a series of devastating earthquakes in the region, though some other factories remain offline. The Japanese electronics giant said that its Kumamoto Technology Center semiconductor manufacturing plant has been …

  1. Keef

    I doubt that...

    Earthquakes will stop them writing rootkits.


    Earthquakes and the resultant Injury and loss of life are bad things. whoever they happen to.

    I do not wish death and destruction on Sony employees.

    I just want to ensure that the evil actions they willingly undertook are not forgotten.


    1. MJI Silver badge

      Not again

      Image Sensor & stuff <> Music publishers.

      A few crooked Yanks screwed it up for the Japanese parent.

      Let it rest.

      And if you want to blame anyone, blame the people who bought the inferior video cassette format.

      Yes that is why Sony bought into media, to make sure they could sell their hardware.

      This is ONE reason why Blu Ray beat HD-DVD, Sony did not want a repeat of the sales failure of Betamax. It was a better format than Vhs, a LOT better.

      (Owner of a few Beta decks, including an indestructable Sanyo HiFi one)

    2. Planty Bronze badge

      Re: I doubt that...

      Obviously a cretin..

      a). It wasn't a rootkit

      b) It was First4internet that wrote it

      c) it was BMG who comissisioned the CD secuirty

      d) neither of the are from Japan (both UK companies)

      e) none of the CDs made it onto the UK market

      I would consider the energizer battery virus scandal much much more severe (real virus on a cd affecting large numbers of users) , but I bet you don't even know anything about it.

      From your immature post, I suspect you were still shitting nappies when the Microsoft man (mark russinovich) told the world about how nasty Sony was.. The clue here of course, is Microsoft were involved stirring the pot....

  2. Richard Boyce

    Earthquakes vs nanoscale engineering

    I imagine that having set up equpment to make chips with parts measured in nanometers, you really don't want that equipment being moved distances that might be measured in meters while in use.

  3. werdsmith Silver badge

    I recall when there were floods around a couple of important silicon fabber factories in the far east and this worked as an excuse to increase the price of RAM by a considerable amount. Consequently RAM became a valuable commodity which made lockable PC cases all the rage.

  4. MT Field

    There was a significant chip market hiccup after a fire took out the chemical plant that made most of the chip packaging plastic that was used at the time.

    But these companies do have commercial insurance to cover such losses in production.

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