123 Reg have deleted cutomers virtual servers

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  1. d3vy Silver badge

    123 Reg have deleted customers virtual servers

    My two VPS have been offline for coming up on 48 hours now..

    123 Reg sent me an update 36 hours in to let me know whats happened, basically they ran a script this morning that has either removed or deleted (they were not clear on which) all of the virtual servers from the hosts.. the result of this is that I have two servers down with no idea how long they will take to restore them.

    The best advice they could give was that it might be faster to restore from my own backups to a new server. Thats a days work *at least* and Im meant to be going on holiday in 9 hours to an area with sketchy mobile data coverage and no broadband.


  2. maryjones

    They are also no supporting windows hosting anymore, they are only supporting php going forward. I am trying to set up an ssl certificate on a website i have had for 3 years and they are not helping at all

  3. hasan.raza

    Same issue with us, Windows hosting support gone down, What to do now?

  4. hasan.raza

    RE: We having similar isssue

    As windows support has gone off the grid what to do now?

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