back to article Yahoo! sale woes

The possible break-up and sale of Yahoo! is not going smoothly, according to numerous media reports. CEO Marissa Mayer is reportedly refusing to answer key questions about the financial performance of Tumblr, which she acquired for Yahoo! in 2013 for $1bn, and is persistently failing to meet with potential bidders. Other …

  1. swschrad

    hmmm... I'll take them if paid ten billion dollars. cash. daily.

    sorta sounds like a whole bottle of poison pills all of a sudden over there.

  2. hellwig

    Why Would She

    Just because people wanted to sell before Mayer certainly wouldn't mean that being forced to sell under her reign would be a reflection on her performance, would it? She's a CEO, her golden parachute has to be large enough. She should take some time off. With Yahoo!'s no-commuting policy she implemented for employees, I'm sure her family misses her. Oh, of course, I'm assuming that applied to senior management too, which is probably foolish.

    1. lckysquirrel

      Re: Why Would She

      Haha...time off implies she would ever be hired for another job.

  3. gnufrontier

    There's dumb all over

    Fail big and go home richer. Marissa should get together with Philippe Pierre Dauman over at Viacom. They have much in common except Marissa doesn't have some demented billionaire wrapped around her finger.

    It's amazing how such cretins can appear on the scene even without any royal in-breeding - products of culture rather than intercourse.

    But then it has always been so. The faces have changed, the robes and crowns have gone but the sense of untouchable elevation remains: the sense of entitlement, that which is their due regardless of outcome. Who remembers Roger Smith, GM's CEO who presided over a precipitous decline in market share and wasted billions on acquisitions only to have his pension doubled upon retirement because the board said they needed to do that in order to attract talent. Where have we heard that before ? Or was the board saying if they had done it earlier they wouldn't have ended up with such a crappy CEO in the first place.

    It is a fact that there is no correlation between CEO compensation and performance.

    I would take any job where that would be the case. Anybody hiring CEO material who is willing to be in the trenches ? I'm your man.

  4. Kevin Turnquist

    She'll gladly answer questions...

    ... once the rest of the executives and her are firmly seated in the corporate lifeboat.

    The corporate lifeboat - where the least deserving sit, perhaps a bit chilly but dry, wondering why everyone in the water is complaining about being cold as the iceberg the execs ran the company into floats nearby.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      $48m just to prise her dead hands from the corporate jugular?

      I think a tumbril would be a better purchase than a lifeboat. Someday I hope we'll hear of a failed CEO rewarded in the manner of Admiral Byng...

      encouraging the others...

  5. IGnatius T Foobar

    Ya who?

    Yahoo? Didn't they used to be a web site or something?

  6. Florida1920

    It isn't management's fault if they fail

    Unfortunately, one key ingredient of many CEOs and board members of big corporations is a strong case of narcissism. Failure is never their fault. If the board members blame the CEO and cut him/her off at the knees, they're admitting that people in their "class" are capable of failure, and that just won't do.

  7. fidodogbreath

    A generous offer

    I would be willing to drive Yahoo! (the rest of the way) into the ground for a $24M payout. That's a 50% savings vs. the Purple Princess. I'm available weekdays and some Saturdays, but I can't stay late on Thursday and I need Sunday off.

    Y!'s my me, maybe.

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