back to article Microsoft goes titsup fell over globally for about an hour today. Reg readers – and staffers – were unable to access the website, and some users reported that downloads and password recovery attempts on Redmond's online services were unsuccessful. Microsoft's Azure status page is also warning of issues with creating virtual machines …

  1. Terry 6 Silver badge

    The Cloud

    And we still think it's a good idea to stick our data (and programmes) in the nebulous vapour?

    1. Terry 6 Silver badge

      Re: The Cloud

      Not replying to myself (sorry) so much as tying this to today's story. This time it's Google's cloud that burst. Same comment, but raised.

  2. Darryl

    Looks like somebody forgot to kill the automatic Win10 upgrade

    1. Yes Me Silver badge


      "Looks like somebody forgot to kill the automatic Win10 upgrade"

      Not entirely far-fetched. They did try yet again to push patch KB2952664 to Windows 7 yesterday or today, and that is part of the Get Windows 10 junkware.

  3. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Let me be the first to say "are we down to Office 359 yet?"

  4. Mark 85 Silver badge


    Here, I read the headline and thought "MS is done... time for the funeral" only to find out it's their website. +1 on the clickbait El Reg.

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