back to article Telstra being paid to fix Telstra's network for NBN – AGAIN

Telstra has once again won work with nbn, the entity building Australia's national broadband network (NBN), announcing it's secured a contract worth AU$1.6 billion to work on the hybrid fibre-coax (HFC) cable broadband network to sold to nbn. The biggest beneficiary of NBN policy of successive governments, the incumbent …

  1. Phil Kingston

    Surely with all this cash circling round and round and everyone taking a cut, there'll be precious little left for any actual network.

  2. Adam 1

    FTTP doesn't need any HFC maintenance nor DOCSIS upgrades. Just saying ...

    1. DavidRa

      I'm with you 100%, but we wont win the war if we're not honest - while it's true there are no DOCSIS upgrades, there will still be upgrades to the fiber infrastructure - we can't deliver 10Gbps+ otherwise :)

      1. Adam 1

        If we're honest, FTTP is passive between the home and the exchange. So upgrades don't involve sending trucks street by street so is much cheaper per premise. FTTN is basically a micro exchange every few hundred metres, so economies of scale are very hard to achieve.

        1. DavidRa

          No disagreement from me, although I wasn't certain that upgrades to the fiber on that scale wouldn't need changes inside the ... FSA? FDA? FSAM? rather than on the borders.

  3. Medixstiff

    For once they made a semi right decision considering what has been learnt about the quality of the Optus HFC network

  4. JJKing
    Thumb Down

    Yet more nbn waste

    How much fibre would $1.6Billion roll to actual premises? Plus the bonus is they wouldn't have to give Telstra a new contract in a few years to fix what they have already fixed.

  5. shergolds

    So does this mean that Telstra are still being paid to fix up their old cabling pits that contained asbestos?

  6. rtb61

    How Corrupt Can It Get

    Seriously WTF, buy a shitty broken down network for billions of tax payer dollars only to spend more to desperately keep it going. Nothing to do with the NBN just all about handing over tax payer dollars to a corporation who will hand a percentage back in a tax haven.

    1. Cpt Blue Bear

      Re: How Corrupt Can It Get

      Actually its worse than that: we bought a shitty broken down network for billions that our parents paid to build before the current owner was privatised.

      1. Faceless Man

        Re: How Corrupt Can It Get

        To be fair, when our parents paid for it (or some of us who are a bit older, for that matter) it was state of the art. Now, not so much.

        But, yes, it would be so much easier to deal with all of this if we'd never sold off the infrastructure in the first place.

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