back to article Shall we? Shan't we? Nutanix inches towards IPO

Nutanix has filed an updated pre-IPO document indicating it could IPO sooner rather than later this year. The hyper-converged systems market, in which single scale-out products combine server compute, storage, networking and hypervisor software in one orderable entity with virtual SAN capability, is hot. In recent weeks: …

  1. nilfs2

    Nutanix = Overpriced SuperMicro kit

    The numbers don't add up, still cheaper to go cloud or buy traditional servers + SAN/NAS.

    1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

      Re: Nutanix = Overpriced SuperMicro kit

      Can't imagine anyone wanting to pay a hefty premium for supermicro. The software is so expensive to run on top of it, it's a no brainer to spend an extra 30% to get better quality hardware. Or just qualify a range of hardware platforms and let the customer use whatever they want.

      For me - I want HP servers with iLO 4 advanced, Advanced ECC memory as a bare minimum for my systems which run 384GB of memory each.

      The last "lights out" management firmware update I ran on a supermicro system(2 years ago) required me to reset the firmware to defaults meaning losing all connectivity to the management device, was another reminder to me on the pains of dealing with supermicro (earlier pains included having to remove individual memory modules to try to trace which one was causing system crashes, so pointless frustrating). Oh and the general firmware updates(which often required booting to DOS still) that they do give, rarely had I ever seen release notes and they often say "don't apply unless support tells you to".

      Maybe things have changed with them in recent years but not holding my breath. HP Proliant works great, love the "Proliant Service packs" where I can update all of the firmware in the system with one simple process and when I engage support I can just tell them "running service pack X" so they know exactly what all of my firmware versions are. The iLO 4 email alerts for various things is really helpful too. It's the small things that make operating the systems so much more pleasant than the white box stuff.

      1. LastAppleIIeUser

        Re: Nutanix = Overpriced SuperMicro kit

        Don't like SuperCrapo gear? LMAO

        Most cheapo IT shops are opting for this tin because SuperCrapo OEM undercut anyone just to bend more sheetmetal in a race to the bottom.

        HPE said they don't like Nutanix and thumbed their noses at it and EVO.

        - Seen the shit HPE are pushing on you? Good luck Mate.

        Notice that Nutanix has other strategic partnerships with Dell and "Big Red Machine" Lenovo?

        Someone else said its cheaper to stay diversified in their respective and traditional verticals.

        - Must be a Union IT staffer worried that technology will replace them.

        SDX is the way of the future and if you're not open to it then you must be approaching retirement age,

  2. HeyUkidsGetOffMyLawn

    Nutanix = Amazing

    My concern with Nutanix going public is that they'll become vulnerable to a hostile take-over. Cisco is rumored to have offered $4billion. Obviously Nutanix has something special.

    Critics of Nutanix' hardware are not appreciating the product in it's entirety. Nutanix has built a truly appliance-based infrastructure that lets you scale from 2U ==> infinity. Need compute+storage in a remote site? Throw in a 2U appliance; done! Need more infrastructure? Throw in another 2U box, it gets auto-discovered, joins the cluster, images and configures your ESX/HyperV/KVM hypervisor to match the cluster. BOOM! Hosting VM's in 15 minutes. Upgrades are literally 5-clicks (firmware, hypervisor, Nutanix software). Operations is drastically simplified and that's immensely valuable.

    NetApp will be the biggest casualty of HyperConverged, and Nutanix is leading the charge. SSD is changing everything and the SAN is dead.

    1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Re: Nutanix = Amazing

      "Cisco is rumored to have offered $4billion. Obviously Nutanix has something special."

      Or Cisco is completely out of ideas on how to make it into the next decade and is grasping at any straw that looks slightly interesting. (You'd think spending that sort of money on R&D would produce something, but obviously that's not how things are done...)

  3. The Godfather


    There was I thinking the idea is to make profit...

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