back to article Trump carded again: Hotel security aced

Prez hopeful Donald Trump is probably on the phone right now asking Bill Gates how to close down the Internet, following another breach of security in his hotel chain's credit card systems. If the latest KrebsOnSecurity report is accurate, it would be the second breach of the presidential candidate's hotel chain systems in …

  1. redpawn

    "I Love, Love uneducated people."

    As he says. Guess they are less expensive to hire until...

  2. Winkypop Silver badge

    Alternate headline

    "Trump fail"

    Says so much.

    1. julian.smith

      Re: Alternate headline

      Countdown to:

      Trump = Loser

      (If you disagree you can get rich by betting on The Donald - best current odds 13/2, last week around 3/1 .... fading fast)

  3. gnufrontier

    Not a fan but

    First, it's irrelevant that it is Trump. One may as well be saying the same thing in regards to Home Depot or TJ Max or any number of other hacks. It will give Trump haters some pleasure though.

    Pretty soon there will be list of those who haven't been hacked yet. It will be the shorter list.

    1. Mark 85

      Re: Not a fan but

      Pretty soon there will be list of those who haven't been hacked yet. It will be the shorter list.

      I daresay that it probably all ready is shorter. Seems the time between the attack starting, being carried out, and finally discovered is growing. It's the discovery part that is getting deeply troubling as I'm sure there's lot of companies that will at some point pop their heads up and go..."oh... we got attacked, but we do take security seriously" and that will be a few years after the attackers and come and rode off into the sunset with the goods. Clueless they are and more are joining those ranks everyday in the name of profit and ignorance.

  4. Mystic Megabyte

    Cartoon land

    Mr. Trump should do more to endear himself to the working class. I recommend that he visits the Acme Anvil Co. followed by the Acme Grand Piano Co. Hopefully something will go wrong.

    1. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

      Re: Cartoon land

      Lol. Perhaps he can also visit the Acme "strap a giant rocket to your back" factory. Apparently it is located somewhere down near Mexico.

      1. SolidSquid

        Re: Cartoon land

        The Acme Giant Catapult factory was moved to Mexico after they found a surprisingly large market for the devices with people using untraceable cash

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Cartoon land

        'Lol. Perhaps he can also visit the Acme "strap a giant rocket to your back" factory.'

        I think they were recently bought out by SpaceX. What Musk was really after was their ant-gravity technology. Only problem is as soon as you realize it's working it stops working. Some quantum-state-observer thing.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dear Mr. The Donald

    The solution to your security problem is as simple as it is Obvious, because you yourself, in all you omnipotent magnificence, have already thought of it :

    Just build a great wall around your security systems. and ask the Mexicans to pay for it, which they will obviously do without complaint, mainly because you are such a nice person.

    Your obedient servant,


    1. NotBob

      Re: Dear Mr. The Donald

      No, the Mexicans only want to pay for this wall. The hackers will want to pay for this wall for him. Maybe they'll show up and build it for him, flash-mob style...

      ...Quite a few people would be willing to help with this wall on the condition that he is inside when it is built. It would be the tallest, most secure wall on the planet...

  6. BurnT'offering

    In related news

    Trump's campaign funds received a significant number of small donations

    1. BurnT'offering

      Re: In related news

      Oi Donald - you're only allowed to downvote me once!

  7. PassiveSmoking

    Well, Trump did want weakened encryption. There you go mate, how do you like it now you've got what you wanted?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Ohh the political bitcheness.

    Lets be right, it's either a dodgy employee(s) or malware on a card processing terminal(s).

    Either way, Trump has fuck all to do with it other than in name...

    If people are going to vote/not vote for Trump, then do it for the right reasons, not because someone has hacked his payment system...

    As another commetard correctly stated, Trump isnt somehow unique in having his system hacked.. He is just very high profile at the moment.

    1. PassiveSmoking

      Re: Sigh...

      How's this for the right reason?

      He's probably going to continue to push for weakening privacy, encryption, security, etc, even after this incident. We don't need somebody who's this clueless about the importance of security and privacy in IT bossing the IT industry around. The prospect of a PHB with the power to change the law to his whim is horrifying in all its aspects.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Sigh...

        Not that i understand the political landscape of Merica (Fuck YEAH!) but i was under the impression he CANT just "change the law" to his whim.

        Or have i gotten that wrong??

        1. SolidSquid

          Re: Sigh...

          Nope, you're quite right that the president can't change the law. He can ask congressmen to submit bills for vote, but can't do it himself. That said though, Trump himself seems to *think* he can change the laws on his whims, or at least has been using the ability to do so as one of his main campaigning points, so it's not surprising that people get the wrong idea

          1. Queasy Rider

            Re: Sigh... president can't change the law

            Oh but, you are both wrong. Look up executive order. Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order. Wars have been fought upon executive order, including the 1999 Kosovo War during Bill Clinton's second term in office. Kennedy used it against Cuba, and Bush used it to restrict funding for stem cell research; as a matter of fact it was one of his first acts upon taking office. The executive order is one of the most powerful tools in the president's arsenal. All it takes is the stroke of a pen and bamm, we have a new law. I admit that there are some restrictions, but never under estimate a president's legislative power.

            1. G.Y.

              Re: Sigh... president can't change the law

              The 1862 emancipation proclamation, using the president's war powers, liberated the slaves in areas which shall be in a _state_of_rebellion_ as of 1/1/1863.

              1. Queasy Rider

                Re: Sigh... president can't change the law

                It was an executive order according to Wikipedia.

      2. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

        Re: Sigh...

        "a PHB"

        In this case PH might not be strictly accurate.

        1. Mark 85

          Re: Sigh...

          The "H" in this case stands for "Head" not "Hair".....

  9. Only me!


    Can all Trump owned places, please put a large picture of his face on the entrance door.

    That way people can easily choose to not go in......then again they may get a fair few doors kicked in.

    Ok, back to the drawing board for a better idea, that does not encourage violence.

    (I really thought I was on to something there, but when you think things through.............)

    1. SolidSquid

      Re: Picture

      I suspect this will lead to a lot of confusion, given that a lot of places branded Trump are actually just licencing the name from him rather than actually run by his company

      1. Only me!

        Re: Picture

        LoL, ROFL and other such things.....people actually pay to have his name on their building, really, REALLY.

        I need to start taking medication!

        1. Mark 85

          Re: Picture

          Hmm... I do wonder though if maybe IBM is paying him a royalty for "You're fired"? But then, maybe IBM is using "You're redundant"? Either way, same result. One gloating boss who didn't get the pink slip for himself and a grumbling employee (or hundreds) headed for the door.

  10. druck Silver badge

    Curry not Gates

    The Trump would be better off asking Acorn's Chris Curry, as he had to explain Bill Gates how networking worked.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Et Tu, Priebus?

    All Hail POTUS TRUMPUS!!! All Hail POTUS TRUMPUS!!! All Hail....

    sorry! SORRY! It's only a Comb-over...

    I, for one, Welcome our new Carrot-Faced Overlords and bid them Welcome to the Planet Earth.

    Please, Mr. Trump, tear down that Internetz. It's nothing but a Glass Teat with Moving Partz...

  12. JeffyPoooh

    News - Mexico flag flies over "Trump" (sic) Tower in Vancouver

  13. This post has been deleted by its author

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