back to article Broadband bods Gigaclear bag £24m for rural hi-speed internet

Rural broadband provider Gigaclear has bagged an additional £24m in investment, part of its plans to serve 1.5 million homes currently without fibre-to-the-premises networks. This investment follows a cash injection of ‎£20m (€25m) from the EU-controlled European Investment Bank in January. Gigaclear is targeting a fund- …

  1. PaulAb


    Anything that can completly bypass BT gets my vote.

  2. David_H

    Early adopter

    I was an early enough adopter to meet Matthew at our planning stage and he seemed as sound as a pound.

    As with many companies with 'stratospheric' growth, there have been 'growing pains'.

    In our case, our 5 village installation is over a year late in completion, whereas other recent villages have been finished within 6 weeks.

    Although they are a little more pricey that BT or other traditional suppliers for the broadband, the service has been second to none (I'm taking a 200Mbps slice of the 1Gbps offering). When I add on the saving from getting rid of BT line rental and going to IP phone, I think that it is value for money.

    Happy customer (worth the wait)

  3. Alistair

    I wish

    No FttP over here - although we do have "Fibe" internet. (cough) Yup... good ol' DSL over copper twisted pair.

    < interesting footnote, originally was marketed as 'fiber internet' -- court case ensued, and the CRTC got involved. - and I ended up with a sales droid showing up at my door *insisting* that it was real fiber coming into the house and "plugging into your router" .... even *after* I pointed out I'd been in IT for 30 years - okay technically it can be done that way but "its already in your house" was the giveaway>

    Sadly - there were a couple of "trials" of FttP and I was only two miles outside of one of them. - the trial was turned off after about a year.....

    Phone lines or Cable ......

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