back to article FBI declines to comment on WhatsApp encryption

The FBI has declined to make a comment on the news Tuesday that WhatsApp is going to offer end-to-end encryption in the next version of its messaging app. WhatsApp's decision to do so was sparked in part by the authorities in the US and Brazil trying to pressure the company to hand over confidential user conversations, and by …

  1. energystar
    Thumb Down

    Battle is shifting down on the stack...

    "Intel Management Engine

    the security battle is shifting into the firmware

    AMD has this too: Platform Security Processor

    stuff is related to UEFI

    it will appear in ARM as sure as sunrise as various commercial and government interests will hike through hell before they give up access to, and control over computers and networks"

    Mike Acker comment at Techdirt.

    Do you know what is the real bottom of the stack?

  2. IPVanish VPN

    The Next Apple Suit

    They likely won't comment until they need to get into a legal battle, ala Apple, to access data. Luckily this will be a much harder one to argue because if there's no data to access...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Considering whatsapp is owned by bookface, i would assume end to end encryption will only lock other parties out of the chatter while all friendly 3 letter agencies will have a magic key to unlock the traffic. The question you should ask yourself is why if many of the messaging apps have done end to end encryption for a long time, then why is whatsapp really only pondering it now in 2016.

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