back to article EU pushes probe up Google's ad alley

The European Union (EU) is pushing forward with its probe into Google/Alphabet's dominance of the online ad market, with the commissioner in charge suggesting formal charges are on the way. Margrethe Vestager spoke to The Wall Street Journal the day before getting on a plane to visit the US, and said her team was "advancing" …

  1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    "sometimes the European response here is more commercially driven than anything else."

    So? They make money in Europe, they pay taxes in Europe. Besides, nothing wrong with being commercially driven in a capitalist system, now is it?

    1. ratfox

      What is implied is that they unfairly target US companies to advantage European companies. Which is technically a violation of trade treaties.

      Of course, as the Boeing-Airbus saga shows, countries find all possible ways of helping their own companies to get an edge.

      1. TeeCee Gold badge

        Oh the USA's protectionism in Aviation goes back to before Airbus.

        The most obvious example was when Concorde turned up and the US government dropped a quiet word to Pan Am, TWA and such that they should wait for the domestic SSTs to come out. Both Boeing and McDonnell Douglas had programs to build one running at the time. The government's side of the bargain was to ban Concorde from JFK on noise grounds which, as the aircraft had been designed for the transatlantic run, left it a bit screwed.

        Eventually both the US makers pulled the plug on their projects and JFK became magically available to Concorde, which duly started to do what it was for. I have it on good authority that the US Airlines were very interested in buying a number of airframes, which would have made Concorde a roaring success, but we'd stopped building them by then....

  2. Tim99 Silver badge


    Hmm, News Corp and Google - Which of these two parasites with a record of suborning democracies do I want to support here?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Conflicted

      Big tech is now a much bigger threat than big content/media. Google needs taking down a notch.

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