back to article Intel flops out 3D flash SSDs – and says they're the densest ever

Intel has introduced its first 3D NAND SSDs, updating three planar NVMe SSDs with four new models, and claiming to have the industry’s highest density 3D NAND. The existing DC P3500, P3600 and P3700 products use 20nm MLC flash technology, with the P3500 and P3600 dating from June 2014 and the P3700 being introduced in …

  1. Jim-234

    Concerned about the lack of clearly listed write endurance

    I'm a bit concerned about the conspicuous absence of write endurance rating across pretty much all the new SSDs that Intel just launched.

    It's missing from the Data Center ones, the Professional ones and the Consumer ones.

    In our business, having a clear listing of the write endurance is pretty important and one of the big reasons we use mostly Intel SSDs. It seems pretty odd not to have that listed because it was right there on the specification sheets for just about all the other launches.

    I just hope it's not because the actual program/erase cycle rating is really terrible so they hope you won't notice.

    1. Snowy Silver badge

      Re: Concerned about the lack of clearly listed write endurance

      Aye the lack of it does make me think how bad is it that they are not saying anything.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Intel DC P3608 looked interesting ...

    ... until I saw the £7k price tag.

  3. Known Hero
    Paris Hilton

    missing information ..

    Intel says that its 3D NAND delivers ~1.3X faster read and write times.

    than ......

    A duck paddling backwards upstream a small river.

    A car overtaking a cyclist.

    Samsung 3d Nand

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