back to article SanDisk's InfiniFlash looks in its closet, pulls out a Red Hat to wear

SanDisk and Red Hat have formed an alliance: the crimson cranial-covering company’s Ceph Storage software will be offered as the preferred Ceph software by SanDisk for its InfiniFlash box. SanDisk's year-old InfiniFlash all-flash array box offers 512TB of capacity in a 3U box with the hardware powered by Ubuntu Linux, and …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I used to work on this team. This product is struggling. All of my accounts have looked at it, and NONE of them are pulling the trigger. SanDisk is not a storage company. They lack storage IP. They lack storage people. They lack storage margins. They are more likely to EOL this product sooner versus selling any of it. It has been a disaster so far. Anyone in the storage business understands the costs incurred in supporting enterprise data center customers. SanDisk has priced this array ignoring a true understanding of what kind of margins it takes to run a real storage business. They are desperate for customers. After much customer feedback, (i.e. "you don't have storage IP") they are trying to get IP from companies like IBM. First of all, IBM spectrum was built for commodity HW and is a server side technology. It has nothing to do with a purpose-built flash array, nor should it. Good luck to the idiots at SanDisk and IBM in making this venture work. It has little chance of making any sense to any customer, quite frankly.

  2. FinancialAnalytics

    SanDisk, Western Digital And The Whole Darn Thing ( Or Think ) !!

    Western Digital now owns SanDisk and has had a controlling invisible hand in SanDisk for who knows how long. Since the beginning? The only closet the Americans have are the extraordinarily alien owners of the CIA and their fellow Americans and American agencies and organizations. Americans have not and will never suddenly change their entire biophysical manifesto just to appease such social changes in UK or Euroasia or wherever else. They are still and will remain the fortified hemisphere of the planet far surpassing any Great and Hadrian Walls and Ural Mountains. We should never sink into the dangers of accepting any short-term media illusions about America, their roots, their reality and their real intent, long-term and short-term.

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