back to article Oracle plays virtual catch-up with new VM release

Oracle's released a new version of its virtualisation stack that catches up to its rivals, but also shows that Big Red's off the pace in this market. Oracle VM 3.4, emitted in the shadow of Easter, finally brings storage live migration into Big Red's virtual world, thereby making it possible to change the storage device on …

  1. hmas

    Oracle's solution to a problem of its own making

    This release doesn't catch up to its rivals. It closes some of the gaps and places Oracle VM within reach of where many of its rivals were several years ago.

  2. Scaffa

    Still, pretty good progress for bunch of lawyers. Imagine if they were a software company!

  3. mi1400

    i hate oracle too but sometimes its not like a linux worshiper's impulsive thought of hay that one is just playing catchup... plz give urself a gentle flying kick fuck .. if u r linux worshiper then give ur self a gentle flying kick fuckslap too... ehem now to the point.. Intel is always denied to embed bleeding edge DirectX in its IGPs/CPUs/GPUs cuz AMD/nVIDIA invest and control that along MS. So only when they have made enough money only then say DX11, DX11.2 etc start trickling in Intel ones. Oracle being trailing on this could be similar reasons.

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