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    This is a poorly constructed website that works perfectly for what I do with it.

    See if you can open the sea level charts on it. Now click your way through to the 31st of March 2016. There is a line of cyclonic systems (Lows) running from the North to South in that one at the moment.

    The problem with such charts is their reliability out to 5 days. This problem is the 5 day wave also called butterfly effect. It is called the butterfly effect because nobody but me and god knows what causes it. Me and god and you. (and a few other people but we won't mention them.)

    Any line of systems like that is a signal of intense geophysical activity. This one seems like it is indicating a large earthquake in the region of central or South America. If it holds that pattern for several consecutive days we will know it means it. And that we should be taking precautions. The first precaution is against brain farts. People like me (Earthquake Sensitives) are particularly prone to making stupid mistakes on such occasions. This plays havoc with work routines especially stuff that you are not very good at.

    Sometimes when you ace stuff by zenning it through that is because those farts are short-cuts through to mental break-throughs too. Usually we tend to screw up this is because if we are not in the right job we are more or less unemployable.

    Fortunately we are gifts from god or "Touched" so there are jobs that we are good at. we are what the ignorant call geniuses, if we can find our metier. We are called touched because we are considered sidelined from society any variation from the norm in modern culture is sidelend thus. Generally we are so bad that we are immediately recognisable and people tend to make allowances. But sometimes we are the kind of people it is very difficult to deal with and they don't.

    The weather is like that. That is why senior meteorologist can be granted reasonable salaries. Sometimes they get good jobs for being photogenic and willing to stand out in the rain. If you are that good it wouldn't matter how poor your speech is or how ugly you are nor how insensitive to other people or things. But I digress.

    This is about how weather develops. If it fails to develop as per requirements we still get something out of it only it may be sacked. it's unlikely we have senior meteorologists to prevent juniors making critical mistakes. This is why they have the power to teach you that you can learn better or look elsewhere for work. (A problem with inheritance and promotion, is that fools tend to promote the wrong people for political reasons or one's ability to choose the right parents at the right time.)

    But today we have the Internet so whatever happens these days becomes clear. We are the locust hoard mentioned in scripture. Or not. But for now this is something worth bearing in mind. If you have one.

    If you have any thoughts on this beware that they don't end up in a book which will be used as evidence against you.

    As far as you are concerned; I am a weather god. perhaps I should use the word "guru" but I never thought of myself as that. Believe it or not it sounds like aggrandisement. I will let you make your own mind up. We have time.

    1. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

      Re: Developments

      > https://weather.gc.ca/ensemble/naefs/cartes_e.html

      > 31st of march 2016. There is a line of cyclonic systems (Lows) running from the North to South in that one at the moment:

      Jacob was touched by a god for refusing to give up in a conflict with one. I think that is where we get the term "touched" from. The idea that certain people seem abnormal mentally may be due to them having a so called "gift" as with people gifted with the ability to make or break codes (an ability utilised by the British Government to break German codes prior to and during World War 2.)

      With a permanent injury, an arthritic sensitivity to weather would set in as he aged (if that is what occurred.) I wonder how he would have been able to make any sense of his ability. If it required him finding out about earthquakes and volcanoes it is unlikely to have been usable but I am unfamiliar with the weather in that region. Obviously weather sensitivity is a useful ability for a man tending livestock but the end result is deterioration until life becomes unbearable.

      It is funny how we hang on to it though.

      In the forecast 24 hours earlier: The line is broken with an intervening anticyclonic system. 24 hours later and the line still exists to a certain extent. The chances of this line becoming volcanic rather than seismic is thus good. The greatest problem is that the stability of such conditions is hampered by the synergy they build. Three cyclones adjacent one another increase the flow of an air current beyond the energy value required to produce an interruption.

      Imagine three gyroscopes all turning in the same direction. The flow of air along each side of them is insupportable. Any inflow to the central one fails and the instability forces the development of a large single system:

      The alternative is for them to draw in another anticyclone and that way destroy the established air flow. However the system behaves, what is most likely going on will also produce a volcano with an eruptive energy called strombolian. The minimum output on the VEI scale is 100,000 cubic yards/metres This is 0 VEI. Level 2 is a million cubic yards or meters but the classification method is too subjective for comparative analysis. If a volcano was producing this much material every day it's landscaping effect would make charts out of date in a year or so:


      I seldom comment on volcanic types since reports on them are so poor. The reason for doing so today is that the consensus of today's reports from two mountains as strombolian. But another article on magma in the Wikipedia states that the flow is forced by the magmatic eruptions, which involve the decompression of gas within magma that propels it forward.

      It doesn't sound like the science has moved on from the biblical analysis described before the time of Moses as poking them with sticks. None the less what little news of them we have is enough to tell us that systems increase as the weather. This is all I need for my interpretations. I hope that they do not improve their charts sufficiently to ruin their usefulness to me.

  2. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

    Pavlofian conditions

    Far too soon to say but this is the first line-up we have had in a while. Take a look at the sea surface pressure charts for NA-EFS on 31st March.

    It won't be an earthquake judging by the Indian Ocean storm but if the next Chilean was a mag 7 instead of whatever that would have been a full house or straight flush or something.

    Line-storm > Sun-storm > Volcano > Alaska quake > Chile quake? > Indian Ocean, tropical storm 17.

    Congratulations to me for showing what be; don't buy it, don't buy it, if you don't want to see. Ooh; nearly forgot the sun-storm, there fixed it. Rules for 6 hand brag:

    Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.

    I really don't want to win one where people get hurt but if it has to be done to wake them up to new possibilities, then screw them. Let's hope that god will divert the energy to the best places it could fit.

    According to Bom the highest energy is for Thursday noon:


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