back to article Wobbly Acer goes two-legged to steady itself

Acer is to split into two in an effort to stabilize an uncertain recovery. The company will move its "core business" of PCs, servers, tablets and monitors under one umbrella and its "new business" of cloud services, smartphones and wearable devices under another. The restructuring is the same as we outlined earlier this week …

  1. Christian Berger

    What I don't understand...

    ...the only remarkable product Acer had in recent years was their netbook series. If I was Acer I'd focus on that and try to explore the market.

    However what Acer did was to market it towards consumers which are now fleeing towards tablets. If Acer was to bring out a version of their netbooks for professionals, they'd have a rather lucrative niche.

    So they compete with identical products on identical markets. The only thing that could count would be reputation, but that's never been particularly good with Acer.

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