back to article IBM has to give Indiana some pocket change after $1.3bn web fiasco

IBM could face a $120m bill after losing its case against the US state of Indiana over a botched government project. A ruling [PDF] from the Indiana State Supreme Court this week sided with the government in finding Big Blue in breach of contract following the failed launch of a web portal. Each side had filed against the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IBM..... hrm... that's that outfit based in Bangalore, right??

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Check Out IBM's British Columbia Health Job

    If El Reg wanted to spend several months checking around, this Indiana situation would be only one of many IBM Global nightmares. The provence of British Columbia has some interesting things to say. Oh, let's not forget what happened with the big utility data play in the NYC area.

    - Maxwell Knight

    1. ArthurHH

      Re: Check Out IBM's British Columbia Health Job

      British Columbia is a "province" of Canada, just north of Washington state.

  3. Winkypop Silver badge


    We've all worked on projects like this.

    The bigger they are the bigger they fail.

    1. rboote

      Re: Yikes

      The problem is, Winkypop, that in the good old days when you had a big problem that was destined for failure, IBM was who you went to to ensure it didn't. Big money, but big expertise all across the board meant pretty much guaranteed success.

      1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

        Re: Yikes

        <sarcasm> Are you really insinuating that getting rid of experienced staff that knew how to make stuff that actually worked (but somehow were under the delusion that their abilities made them eligible to receive decent wages) and replacing them with inexperienced guys that have no idea of what they actually are supposed to make and how to do it (but are dirt cheap) could possibly result in piss poor performance? Surely not. Every consultancy will disprove you right away. </sarcasm>

  4. theniginator

    IBM doing it again

    to add to the Canadian fiasco they did it in Australia as well

    Looks like a pattern of govt money wasting al over the place.

  5. Jim O'Reilly

    $1.2 billion?

    How can you spend $1.2 billion on a "Web portal"?

    It probably uses Z-series to talk to the internet and other money-wasting solutions.

    Sounds like a visit from the state auditor is needed!

    PS Ask any commercial firm how much they spent for their whole website....I bet it was just a bit cheaper!

    1. VinceLortho

      Re: $1.2 billion?

      I worked on a contract as the DB analyst for decommissioning a Z series used exactly that way. The agency using it had no IBM personnel anywhere near the project. It's understandable as to why after reading this.

  6. fishman

    It's almost like

    It's almost like IBM views the purpose of these projects is to provide them an open billing opportunity, as opposed to actually solving customers problems.

    1. gnufrontier

      Re: It's almost like

      The government trough has always attracted the large corporate pigs. The really depressing thing is the length of time it took to get to a final decision in the suit and I still doubt that they got to the bottom of anything.

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