back to article Samsung Galaxy S7: Big brand Android flagship champ

If only all reviews were as easy to write as this one. Take last year's product, make small but important refinements, and this year's is much better. The Galaxy S7 is the Android flagship to beat, and everyone who gets one will be really happy with it. That's basically all there is to it, really. Can I go home now? Samsung …

  1. tiggity Silver badge

    Kudos for *NOT* going USB-C, given most android phone owners will have acquired a few spare micro-USB cables over the years whilst USB-C cables are uncommon & plenty of dubious quality ones being sold too.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      I think that's pretty much what Samsung said at the launch.

    2. cambsukguy

      Won't non-USB-C phones look out of ate in the next couple of years.

      It seems that a reversible plug is useful. I use an iPod for work and the lightning thingy is reversible, ugly bare contacts but still.

      It seems that the fast-charging on my new phone is because of USB-C too. I will use wireless most of the time but it is a nice thing to have when out for the day and one wants to boost from a power block, it will be tethered much less.

      The data rate is also higher and there is HDMI over USB-C although I presume this can be done with micro-USB?

      As can OTG.

      Still, I am glad I will have it, it seems more robust too.

    3. Andy Miller

      We've got five phones, four tablets, two kindles and an smattering of wireless headphones and keyboards. All micro-USB. Cables and chargers all over the house and in both cars. Any device can be plugged into any charger.

      The thought of going back to having one device where I have to hunt down The Cable was the only reason I passed on the Nexus 6P.

    4. Vince

      Changing phones to USB-C is pretty annoying really, and I'm not too impressed with the change.

      Had USB-C connectors been available years ago when we standardised (apart from Apple of course) on the Micro-USB thing then sure because it is nicer having a reversible connector and USB-C is a better overall option, but given most of us just charge our phones with them, the rest of it is wasted.

      ...and most of us charge phones at night, so it really doesn't matter how long it takes to charge.

      Having owned one phone with USB-C (now on ebay), I can safely say it was irritating beyond belief.

    5. BlackBolt

      Embrace the change!

      Shocking lack of forward thinking for an audience on a tech news website.

      'Everyone fear the change'! oh, no its a new cable! Run for the hills...

      tbf I was a little sceptical of switching to USB-C when I picked up a Nexus 6P, but you quickly get used to:

      1. Charging to 50% in ten minutes, as I'm rushing to get stuff/kids in the car

      2. Not even thinking about which way round I plug in the cable. Sure it only saves a few seconds, but the bigger benefit is not even considering it anymore.

      Also, don't be all conflicted in your view of batteries and battery management. Statements like 'must have a replaceable battery' and 'everyone leaves it plugged in all night' don't really align. Leaving your devices plugged in ALL night is really bad for the, so maybe if you looked after the battery a bit better, you wouldn't have such a strict view requiring a replaceable battery.

      Embrace the change, get a USB-C device, you'll help drive out the naff sub par quality cables, and drive the price down.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Embrace the change!

        Gear VR - that is the reason they stuck with Micro-USB rather than USB-C.

      2. Triggerfish

        Re: Embrace the change!

        It's not fear of change its watching people with iphones struggling to charge their phone because they didn't bring the right cable, while everyone with the USB standard just charges away because the cables are everywhere.

        Anyway any practical techy knows you let the suckers blaze the trail and maybe blaze away with sub par cables and once all the niggles have been sorted and the fires put out and it becomes more common then you move across. ;)

      3. druck Silver badge

        Re: Embrace the change!

        BlackBolt wrote:

        Leaving your devices plugged in ALL night is really bad for the, so maybe if you looked after the battery a bit better, you wouldn't have such a strict view requiring a replaceable battery.

        Remind me to set an alarm at 3 fucking am just to unplug the phone.

  2. Dan Wilkie

    My Galaxy is still an S5, but I've never had a case for it. It's picked up a lot of dinks, scratches and scrapes to the bezel but the screen is still untarnished. I also mustered up the nerve to submerge it too.

    Assuming the glass on the newer ones is the same, I can't see any issue with not having a case for it - unless it's a fashion thing?

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Anything with a reasonably sized glass screen is very likely to break if it lands screen down on anything sharp. Worth getting some kind of case just to avoid the € 200 cost of a screen replacement.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        This is one of my bugbears . . .

        (Not aimed entirely at this particular review)

        Reviews inevitably focus on how slim the phone is or how comfortable it is or how lovely it is that the glass goes all the way to the edge and then goes on to say what after-market cases there are, how you need to protect the screen, etc. etc.

        Why not just build a phone with a sensible, robust case/design for the expense of the fractions of a mm that the aftermarket cases will take anyway?

        Just askin'.

        1. cambsukguy

          Re: This is one of my bugbears . . .

          There are plenty of phones with robust case designs.

          I have dropped mine plenty of times, I am not alone, it runs in the family.

          We have had one glass break in 3 years on four phones from the same range, including two in the hands of youngsters. That was a bicycle-meets-ground crash and the break was still bad luck I think.

          Also, £60 to fix not 200 euros, although I did it myself. I replaced the entire screen of course, even though I might have been able to replace just the glass, I had neither the time or the inclination, I was away on business at the time as well so lacked equipment and tools, a cheap torx from the pound shop and a knife from the B&B managed the whole job.

          1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

            Re: This is one of my bugbears . . .

            Also, £60 to fix not 200 euros, although I did it myself.

            I think you may find the S7, especially the Edge, a little more pricey. And, even if you are able to do this kind of repair yourself, many of us aren't. That said, I've not used cases very often and I have yet to break a screen myself. But I see plenty of broken screens when walking around town and my own current phone is someone else's refurbed after they broke the screen…

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: This is one of my bugbears . . .

          "Why not just build a phone with a sensible, robust case/design for the expense of the fractions of a mm that the aftermarket cases will take anyway?"

          Not a phone, but last week I saw someone drop a small Asus tablet (which has a plastic case) about four feet onto a tile floor. It was totally undamaged. It doesn't really matter which way you drop it, a phone with a metal or glass case would not like this treatment, and I'm not sure how thick a case would need to be to give adequate protection.

          1. Triggerfish

            Re: This is one of my bugbears . . .

            Have dropped the Z3 glass casing, covered with a reasonably thin nylon and TPU cover, couple of times including onto a tiled floor and paving, had no damage. I think randomness applies with dropping phones though it only has to land wrong and that's it.

            1. Danny 14

              Re: This is one of my bugbears . . .

              Not changing my note 3. That has been dropped a few times and the 3 quid faux leather case has protected it. The sacrificial glass protector (much better than plastic ones) hasnt gone either.

              Shame the note 3 wasnt waterproof otherwise perfect.

              1. Pristine Audio

                Re: This is one of my bugbears . . .

                As much as I liked my Note 3 I couldn't go back to it from an S6 Edge+, despite missing the Micro-SD card (and to a lesser extent the battery). I would imagine you'd find the same with bells on if you switched to an S7.

                As for covers, I've always loved the Samsung S covers - the window works well when taking/rejecting calls and the instant on with the S6 when paired with the watch I'm wearing means no fingerprint/log in when I open the case but a "secure" phone if my arm isn't within Bluetooth range.

                1. This post has been deleted by its author

              2. This post has been deleted by its author

      2. MattPi

        "Anything with a reasonably sized glass screen is very likely to break if it lands screen down on anything sharp. Worth getting some kind of case just to avoid the € 200 cost of a screen replacement."

        Out of curiosity, how would a case help with landing screen-down on something sharp, other than if the sharp item is smaller than the case bezel? I'd be surprised if that thin sheet of plastic over the screen would make that much of a difference.

        1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

          Out of curiosity, how would a case help with landing screen-down on something sharp, other than if the sharp item is smaller than the case bezel? I'd be surprised if that thin sheet of plastic over the screen would make that much of a difference.

          A good case comes with a cover for the screen. As Andrew notes, Samsung does provide some nice cases itself.

      3. Dabooka

        I agree about the case...

        but it can still happen.

        I've had ONE phone knack through dropping since my first ever handset (a Nortel 2000 seeing as you ask), and that was my 12 month old S5 when I was 50% through my contract. It was in a robust case with tempered glass screen cover. Sods law can happen, regardless of precautions.

        Saying that I'd rather there weren't robust out of the box, there's loads of options for those who wish to buy them.

        1. Triggerfish

          Re: I agree about the case...

          I hardly pay much attenionon any phone review to how pretty the frosting of the glass backing is for example. I know the first thing I am doing with it is buying a case that will be pretty much covering all of it except the screen. I do not treat kit too nicely I expect it to be able to put up with my lifestyle to some degree, rather than me having to worry about breaking it. So I figure giving it a case is at least letting it have a fighting chance.

  3. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Good review

    Heise have tested the always on feature and say it matches expectations: briefly lighting up part of an OLED screen really doesn't take much juice.

    I passed my first S7 poster today and, in a world where Apple seems eyeing the mid-market, it was very Apple. The S6 Edge gave Samsung a recognisable visual USP for the first time and hopefully they'll make sure they produce enough of the curved screens this year.

    I think most people will love the SD card and not worry too much about the battery, loading up with power packs if they think they're going to be without power.

    As for a dark theme, well Android N is supposed to come with one of these.

    1. mi1400

      Re: Good review

      sammy can u plz plz plz also add elegance to ugly rear camera chrome ring .. there are millions more customers like me holding till you get it right ... currently its more like to taste of latins, east europeans or asia pacific countries. plz note that being owner of phone, the side of phone which is projected/portrayed outwards is the back of phone (not front) .. or say this back side which is actually projected outwards while listening phone call (i.e. when phone placed to ear) ... this dept needs serious work and this ugly plasticy cover on top and above that the ugly chroming of flash and lense is ruining this actual "front" of sammy's devices ... this fear of samsung is clearly imminent in its ads either near eliminating rear side shots or never proudly parading/reserving vid ad frames for this rear side. think about it sammy.

      1. Dabooka

        Re: Good review



  4. Peter Reid

    I'd have bought one straight away, until I realised that they changed the camera format from 16:9 to 4:3. I take lots of HD-format images, so that was that. I wonder why they did (no-one in the stores knew). Was it hardware related? (New CCD and ancillary silicon from a new supplier? Fitting the SD slot and other things on the circuit board? Or is it a marketing ploy to position themselves closer to the 4:3 iPhone audience? Or is it because they finally got fed up with people filming things vertically, then posting a thin sliver of a film on Youtube......

    Sob. (SD card! Extended battery!)

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      I think the 4:3 will be related both to the CCD but also to letting you do more in software: you can still take 16:9 images, they'll just be cropped from 4:3. OTOH I've always loved the panorama modes.

      The reports are that the CCD is much, much better in lower light than the competition. Still, if I wanted a good digital camera I wouldn't necessarily go for a high-end smartphone, the Nokia stunner being the exception.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Funnily enough, the first thing I do whenever I get a new phone is switch the camera back to 4:3 format. Frankly I'm amazed the default photo format was such a critical point on your shopping list, especially given you can change it.

  5. TonyJ

    Just had a handle of my boss' S7 today

    And as you'd expect from Samsung it's genuinely a lovely bit of kit. The screen is extremely bright and vibrant and the curve is actually stunning in real life. It's bloody quick too.

    But, also being Samsung, despite being a flagship you can almost certainly kiss goodbye to even security updates very, very, quickly and that's an awful lot of money to shell out to have what is a forced - and a short - obsolescence built in.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: Just had a handle of my boss' S7 today

      But Samsung's are also very easy to root and put Cyanogenmod on, meaning fast security updates for a long period of time.

      It's far from ideal but it's better than nothing.

      1. TonyJ

        Re: Just had a handle of my boss' S7 today

        "...Re: Just had a handle of my boss' S7 today

        But Samsung's are also very easy to root and put Cyanogenmod on, meaning fast security updates for a long period of time.

        It's far from ideal but it's better than nothing..."

        Yes. You can but you really shouldn't have to. At least not when it comes to security updates.

        Nor, personally do I want to have to. Granted my use case is possibly unusual for most here on El Reg but I just want a phone that works, and does the few limited functions I desire.

      2. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "but you can put in a microSD card"

    Wow stunned.

  7. Brenda McViking

    no removable battery

    NO SALE.

    My current phone is an S4, which I've been happy with, and I have purchased 3x new batteries to keep it going for the 3 years I've had it. I am not going to buy something that will be landfill in 2 due to its inability to hold a charge. I also like to be able to FULLY charge a phone in 15 seconds flat.

    I've read the article and it looks like more of the same, incremental refinements. Nice. Sounds like what Apple would do... No doubt it is a lovely device. but it's crippled.

    And whilst the author clearly doesnt think much of LG due to what was it, the lack of a decent official case? (Errr... ?) they at least have tried something different with add-ons, and have finally done the thing I've been waiting for a flagship to do for over 2 years, and thats put a removable battery in their device.

    I've been waiting for Samsung through the S5 (not worth an upgrade from the S4) the S6 and the S7 (no removable batteries) and they've failed, for 3 upgrade cycles now, to produce a phone suitable for my uses. So bye Samsung, due to your repeated failure to get that most basic of requirements right, I'm off to buy an LG G5, because LG seem to be the only company actually listening.

    1. AndrueC Silver badge

      Re: no removable battery

      NO SALE

      Same here. I've currently got a 4.3aH battery in my S3 Neo and it lasts over a week between charges (thanks in part to buying a signal booster for home). I also don't like the fact that it's only had one firmware update and seems unlikely to ever get another one.

      I suppose Samsung can take some comfort from the fact that I was never in the market anyway. My Neo does everything I need it to so as long as it continues working and remains compatible with my provider's network I'm unlikely to change it.

      For me mobile phones became like digital watches a couple of years ago. You know - back in the 80s everyone thought digital watches were cool and fab and whizzy. Now they aren't and as far as I'm concerned neither are phones. Just one cycnical codger's view point :)

    2. Naselus

      Re: no removable battery

      You're not exactly the market then, are you? Flagship phones aren't really intended for people who can figure out how to change a battery...

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: no removable battery

      I love it when people complain that their specific requirements aren't being listened to!

      Come on Samsung, you multi-billion pound multinational company, stop catering for the masses - Brenda McViking wants feature x, and isn't going to buy unless you make it!

      1. Brenda McViking

        Re: no removable battery

        Damn right.

        Though I'm really not the only one am I? - battery life isn't exactly down there with GLONASS support as a spec is it? No, it's just ever so slightly more important - the biggest complaint of modern smartphones by a mile in fact.

        I, like many others, aspire to a phone that can last a full weekend without access to electricity - something that phones used to do, Sony's crop just about manages, and everyone else fails to do unless they slash their margins and put in a 5000mAh battery. When they gave us the option years ago to pop off the cover and replace the battery that met the requirement. Nice and simple. Not to mention the forced obsolescence of a glued in battery which as an engineer goes against my profession's moral practices regarding sustainability.

        Clearly however, I've misjudged the thinking that an android flagship is designed for the bleeding edge power user, when in fact it seems nowadays it's trying to appeal to the same crowd that likes the iPhone. Shame.

    4. Gis Bun

      Re: no removable battery

      Interesting. I have the S4 as well. Same original battery. Not a heavy user but can still get 2+ days out of my usage.

  8. Misky
    Thumb Up

    Awesome Phone

    I've had my S7 Edge for a few weeks now and can't fault it. The instant focus and low light shots make that camera prefect for my use.

    The always on clock does have a night mode that can be timed when to move in or out of night mode. On night mode you get a very dull clock, date and battery life on the edge of the phone, and it works perfectly in the dark. Personally I have this on all the time as I don't like the way the big clock jumps about.

    I moved from a Note 4 to this and the device is much smaller but the screen real estate is practically the same.

    One massive bonus of the S7 comes if you buy the Gear VR... SO much better at tracking than a Google Cardboard or the poser plastic ones, plus the integrated controller works superbly (although you will need a proper games controller for some of the games.

    1. BigAndos

      Re: Awesome Phone

      I just got one as well and I love it, such a massive upgrade over my LG G3. Everything is smooth and fluid, battery lasts for ages and I can't wait to give the camera a proper workout. Touchwiz is less annoying than it was on my old S4, although I did almost immediately give in and install Nova launcher.

      My only minor quibble is I find it fiddly to activate the edge panel, typically it will either register the swipe from the side as a touch on the screen in that spot, or it will register a touch on the screen AND open the edge panel. That aside, I think this is easily the best Android phone ever made. If only it had been cheaper :)

  9. Yet Another Commentard


    That takes me back.

    Did you find it under a pack of spangles, or hidden behind a barrel of Skol?

    Keep up the good work and all that.

  10. A Known Coward

    Where is the Silver one?

    Perhaps the Register would do me a personal favour and get an official answer from Samsung UK about why they haven't brought the Silver (or White) versions of the Edge to the UK. Despite all the UK press parroting the availability of a Silver version in every single review and article, it's simply nowhere to be found. Are they having trouble manufacturing the Silver version, or are they simply holding it back for their preferred customers elsewhere in the world?

    I've only managed to get a 'no comment' from Samsung, perhaps if the question came from a journalist they might be more inclined to answer.

    1. MarkBUK

      Re: Where is the Silver one?

      Me too - silver is what I want, white as a second choice but the latter is nowhere to be found and the silver not on any regular sites. I just don't want black and I am not really a gold person. I have two weeks until my contract is up for renewal, but I am not holding out much hope.

  11. Fungus Bob

    "this year's model sees only positive improvements"

    Ummm, aren't *all* improvements positive?

    1. Paul Shirley

      Re: "this year's model sees only positive improvements"

      I refer you to the case of Microsoft Windows v the world. Improved to death ;)

      1. Fungus Bob

        Re: "this year's model sees only positive improvements"

        Ah, I see your confusion - there are improvements and then there are "improvements" (Microsoft does the latter).

        Positive improvements is redundant.

        Positive "improvements" is self-refuting.

  12. anoco

    Naked for years

    I've been running naked for years S2, S3, S4, S6 and have seen the phone hit the ground a few times during all these years. I don't think it's been crazy to do that. The most I had was a dent on an edge. The thinner phone slides better into my linty pockets. But now I really worry because of that damned back glass.

    If there was one thing that I would change is the glass back. Since most people cover their backs with some kind of rubber, then why not make the back plastic with a metal frame and keep us naked people less worried about exposing our bare backs in public?

  13. This post has been deleted by its author

  14. TheProf


    "the crane isn't wobbling dangerously. It's parallax distortion, caused by the Galaxy's wider and more rectilinear lens." Wot?

    Any camera will produce this effect, even the one(s) inserted into the human skull. It probably even has a technical name.

    Try it today. focus your camera on, say, a rectangular object imaged from below. Now put it to one side of the frame and notice the shape. Switch it to the other side of the frame and 'technobabble!'

    Edit: Have a look here for more details.

    1. Eric O'Brien

      Re: "Parallax Distortion"

      The tops of structures "tilting inward" has nothing to do with "parallax." It is simply perspective. The same thing is happening here as is happening when you view a straight roadway or railway track... the tracks seem to converge in the distance.

      Keep the image plane parallel to the buildings and you won't see this effect. In other words, try photographing such a scene with the camera pointing at the horizon (not upwards),

      1. Kernel

        Re: "Parallax Distortion"

        "Keep the image plane parallel to the buildings and you won't see this effect. "

        Yes, back in the day they used to make special cameras for this sort of photography - I forget exactly what they were called, but they had a bellows between lens and film and an adjustable frame so the lens carrier could be set higher that the film plane and the parallelism between the two adjusted to remove the convergence effect.

        They may even still make these, but I'd imagine they are now rare and expensive toys.

        1. Dave 126 Silver badge

          Re: "Parallax Distortion"

          >Yes, back in the day they used to make special cameras for this sort of photography

          They are called Tilt Shift lenses, are used in architectural photography.

  15. JustNiz

    Fixed battery = ripoff

    I have absolutely no intention to spend anything more than about $50 on a device that you can't replace the battery on.

    The decision to not make the battery replaceable was just a blatant rip-off mechanism pioneered by Apple and now copied by Samsung, since Apple have already proved how short-term and stupid consumers can be.

    These companies are building in unnecessary obsolescence, just to ensure that if you're stupid enough to buy this phone, you will also have to either send it back for expensive repair or buy another phone in another two years or so when the battery no longer holds as much of a charge, even though there's absolutely nothing wrong with the phone itself.

    1. A Known Coward

      Re: Fixed battery = ripoff

      I said pretty much the same thing for years, then I picked up an original Moto G - not quite $50 but still cheap. Fixed battery, was a difficult decision but I figured at the price that it might not be so bad. Still using it to this day 2 and half years later, easily get a full days use, often enough I eek out a couple of days. The point being that battery technology has improved and over the lifetime of the phone, which for the majority of people will be no more than 3 years, the degradation in the battery life won't be an issue.

      I would still opt for a version of the S7 with removable battery if such a thing existed but I've changed my opinion on the battery issue to the point where I can live with a non-removable battery. These days you'll find it nearly impossible to find tablets with a removable battery, all kindles have a fixed battery, even my laptops have fixed batteries and yet I don't hear a storm of complaints from people about these devices because the batteries last just fine. As with all things, there will be batteries that fail early - warranty replacement usually takes care of this and if you are replacing batteries regularly with a modern device then it's a sign that the battery design is flawed and not batteries in general.

  16. CaptSmegHead

    £1.99 for a coconut??

    See title

  17. BenR

    Finally! Someone else sees it!

    There's an awful lot of computer inside a Wear watch, and it isn't doing much for you, except running down its battery.

    I've been saying this for *AGES!!*

    This is why the Pebble and such are so good. Just a shame they're a bit on the unattractive side. The Pebble Round Time isn't bad, but they've made the same mistake regarding "thinness" as all the other tech manufacturers seem to do and have taken it too far. Also, no Qi charging, which in something like a smartwatch is unforgivable in my view.

  18. Yugguy

    Raddled with bloatware

    So, is it still raddled with bloatware like an old, syphillis-ridden whore?

  19. fnj

    Do not want, will not accept

    Unforgiveably stupid. No replaceable battery means I will never touch this abortion. Fawning review with no rationale.

  20. BinkyTheMagicPaperclip Silver badge

    No removable battery sucks

    So does a lack of a physical keyboard in landscape, but there are no Android options for current phones, on that one.

    3KmAH isn't that bad, but it is never guaranteed the phone will survive an entire day, or - shock! you may wish to be away from power for a couple of days/forget to plug it in overnight. External battery packs suck. It's vastly less convenient than using spare batteries, together with an external battery charger.

    On my 'new' phone, a Motorola Photon Q (2012 Android keyboard phone), it doesn't have a removable battery either (I had no choice, it's the latest *landscape* Android keyboard phone there is). This means I'm going to be modding it to accept a removable, larger battery. Words cannot describe the joy I have at the risk of ruining the phone/battery with a slip of a soldering iron/glue, or the hassle of creating a piece of plastic with appropriate metal prongs to adjust the phone to accept an unmodified LG battery.

    1. Danny 14

      Re: No removable battery sucks

      the priv has a (non landscape) hardware keyboard and android, workmate has one here, it was surprisingly good. You'll not be able to root it though. I remember having a hardware keyboard on my old Omnia pro, good phone for its day.

      1. BinkyTheMagicPaperclip Silver badge

        Re: No removable battery sucks

        Yeah, I really want a landscape keyboard. I've seen a friend's Priv and it does look quite cool.

        However, it does need to be rootable, and Blackberry's security centre is useless - it will warn, but not block, attempts to access your data. Also, the Priv's battery is non removable, even if it is quite high capacity..

        I also note that Blackberry promised to tell its Priv userbase when Marshmallow was arriving, in 1Q 2016. They've got seven days left.

        I don't trust Blackberry to keep their devices up to date, although I was wrong that they'd never update BBOS10 Facebook to support comment replies - they have, just in time for support for it to be dropped by Facebook.

  21. Gis Bun

    I would love to see the equivalent of 35pounds for a month in Canada. The decent rate in Canada is $70 with maybe 3GB of data.

    This only happened as Canadian carriers ditched 3 year plans and went to 2. When this happened, new purchasers are paying more up front and more per month.

    When I purchased my S4 on a 3 year plan, I paid $200 for the phone and $60 for the monthly plan.

    Now for the S7, the current price is $400 and the minimum plan is $70.

    A friend has the S6 and happy with it [he had the S3 before]. So I suspect I'll be happy with the S7....

  22. sundridge

    Fixed Battery

    Like other commenters the non-removeable battery makes it a no-no for me. I would also have liked stereo speakers and be able to remove unwanted apps. As it is, my 2+ year-old 6.1" (right size for me) Galaxy Mega will do all I want until the right spec comes along.

  23. IsJustabloke
    Thumb Down

    I'll never buy another Sammy

    My Z1 recently developed a battery fault and I needed tosend it away to Sony for repair (under warranty) I picked up a cheap 2nd hand (open box rather than "used") S4, to say it was a horrible, laggy pile of poo burdened with nasty Samsung duplication would be an understatement. I chose an S4 because I'd previously owned and liked a s2 so an s4 seemed like a bit of a no brainer.

    I hated it and was so relieved to get my Sony back.

    1. Gis Bun

      Re: I'll never buy another Sammy

      Had no problems with my S4. Battery went almost 3 years [and still going] until I got the S7. Probably lacked RAM as soon as 5.0.1 was on it.

  24. Gis Bun

    Bought mine almost a week ago.

    Like the fact that you can change the nano SIM card and microSD card without having to open the case.

    If you want a screen protector note that the edge of the screen on the S7 [not Edge] has a slight curve. So some screen protectors won't cover it. iShieldZ is one of them.

  25. Nickd76

    By far the best phone i have ever had

    Simple easy to use, self intuitive and stable... Zippy sucker too witb 6.0 running

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