back to article Verizon: We're sick of waiting for the FCC, so here's our 'net neutrality'

Verizon has laid out its own set of net neutrality rules it will impose – regardless of whether the FCC keeps its grip on America's broadband service. General counsel and executive VP for public policy, Craig Silliman, said Verizon would adhere to a set of rules on its networks, including policies against throttling, paid …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They do not need to throttle

    It is USA - mostly private peerings. So all they need to do is not increase the capacity of the peering which is p*** them off so it stays at 100%

  2. Peter 39


    Verizon conveniently fails to note that it is an ISP and not a transit service (although it may do some of that).

    So the Netflix traffic it receives is destined for its own end users, who have paid for the delivery all the way through Verizon's network. The fluff about asymmetry is just that - fluff.

  3. Mikel

    They lie

    No matter what. They haven't got the truth in them to give.

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