back to article Your 30 second guide to the past three months on Planet Adobe: Talk about sitting on cloud 9

Adobe is crediting a surge in cloud services with helping to drive its best financial Q1 take ever. The Silicon Valley software giant said that its Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud services recorded strong growth on the quarter and spurred the company to increase its revenue target for the year. For the three months [PDF] …

  1. Gray

    The 'jumping ship' bonus?

    "Every day, more brands, government agencies and educational institutions globally are choosing to base their digital strategies on Adobe's content and data platforms..."

    Could that possibly be related to the hordes fleeing Windows 10, taking up Macs, and adopting Adobe CS?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: The 'jumping ship' bonus?

      >Could that possibly be related to the hordes fleeing Windows 10, taking up Macs, and adopting Adobe CS?

      No the bulk of subs are still Windows. Mainly it's down to moving from a high cost relatively low volume house targeting pros to the mass market for hobbyists - and then mostly for the graphics design side - their web/app development offerings (what's left of them since the abortion of the Edge line and the slow painful deaths of PhoneGap, AIR etc) are appalling.

      "brands, government agencies and educational institutions globally" are the clients they're losing in droves. Money's money I guess, but it's time to stop the pretense.

      1. calmeilles

        Re: The 'jumping ship' bonus?

        "moving from a high cost relatively low volume house targeting pros to the mass market for hobbyists"

        Really? As a hobbyist I'd maintained a licence for Photoshop through upgrades from version 3.1 onwards. The subscription model pricing is what finally decided for me that it was no longer justified for my light use.

        I'd rather assumed that I was typical in this — and that work forking out massively for CC was also, suggesting that Adobe's only interest was the corporate market.

        So I'd be interested to know if there is any evidence that this in not in fact the case and that individual users are taking up CC in large numbers.

  2. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Avoid Adobe

    until the world is rid of Flash.

  3. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    Blood Pressure

    Their service is not good for the blood pressure though. A client of mine was on the phone to them at midnight trying and failing to access the service due to administrative hiccups.

  4. Tessier-Ashpool

    The joyless world of subscription services

    Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo on my Mac suit me just fine. Reasonably priced software without the inconvenience of stumping up cash in perpetuity.

    1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

      Re: The joyless world of subscription services

      Absolutely. I was considering purchasing Photoshop, just as it moved from the last CS version to the CC subscription model. Much as I like free software, I am quite willing to pay for a good package (which Photoshop undoubtedly is). However, by the time I wanted to press the purchase button, the only option available was the CC subscription model. I do not like the idea of a subscription, and I like the idea of my stuff being in the cloud even less. I am frequently in places where I do not have a good (or even any) internet connection. I do not want my photo editing suite tell me "Sorry Dave, I can't do that for you" (and I am not even called Dave). Yes, you can work off-line, but if I am out of internet contact for a longer period, things will go pear shaped at some point.

      Adobe is of course free to choose their revenue model, and there are millions of users for which this apparently works well. Likewise, I am free to look elsewhere for a product that suits my needs better.

  5. steamnut

    Smoke and Mirrors

    This may look good but theses figures cannot be sustained. The enforced shift to on-line services is nearly complete and the customer base will not increase much in the near future as they have little to offer new users. Certainly we no longer use any of their products and I know we are not alone.

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