back to article No Kinetic energy at DataDirect Networks: Ethernet drives snubbed

DataDirect Networks has no plans to support Kinetic disk drives in its WOS object storage products. Kinetic drives are directly accessed over Ethernet, each having their own network address, and they receive Get and Put commands to read and write to a key:value store on the disks. They have been mostly associated with Seagate …

  1. CheesyTheClown

    Poor design

    The protocol was designed by developers for developers. Developers don't buy hardware, IT guys do. As a result, the protocol is scary and cryptic to anyone other than DevOps. Even DevOps have too many things to work with that using Object/Key storage is a less than optimal solution.

    Sea gate and others have done a very poor job of seeding drives to DevOps guys and as a result there is simply no interest. This is an awesome example of absolutely terrible marketing.

  2. Molly @ DDN

    Objects on Objects?

    DDN's object storage (WOS) was built from the ground up nearly a decade ago as a "pure" object store with no EXT4 file system anywhere within the architecture - we call this our NoFS (yes, stands for no file system) architecture. Most, if not all, other object storage solutions still leverage file systems to organize their data somewhere under the covers below their object layer. At DDN, we are not likely to get much customer demand for a drive that creates another layer of objects to sit upon the objects we already create. Adds unnecessary complexity to an architectural problem we solved with WOS long ago.

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