back to article Google rocks up to Facebook's DIY-data-center party with six pack of rack blueprints

Rather than loiter at the fringes of Facebook's Open Compute Project, Google has decided to enter the game. Google was, until now, a peripheral acquaintance of the project. Now it's turned up to the party with the enterprise IT equivalent of a six pack of beer: server blueprints. The Open Compute Project encourages hardware …

  1. PJF

    Every time . . .

    I see Open Compute Project (OCP), I cannot get RoboCop and ED-209 sightings out of my head.

    When will Goople re-locate to (old)Detroit?!!

    1. Ben Bonsall

      Re: Every time . . .

      The day they build a self-driving 6000SUX...

  2. thomn8r

    You down with OCP?

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