back to article First OS X ransomware actually a scrambled Linux file scrambler

The world's first fully functional OS X ransomware, KeRanger, is really a Mac version of the Linux Encoder Trojan, according to new research from Romanian security software firm Bitdefender. The infected OS X torrent update carrying KeRanger looks virtually identical to version 4 of the Linux Encoder Trojan that has already …

  1. Steve Gill

    Malware developers go full service

    It looks like they're trying to make sure all options are available for their customers

  2. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Lay down with dogs, expect fleabites.

    If you are going to use tools such as BitTorrent, which attract the scum, then expect nasty things to happen to your systems. I use different systems for different uses, with reading potentially dodgy websites or testing potentially dodgy applications reserved for an old Linux PC with a small hard-drive I can rip and replace for a few bucks. That effectively keeps any nasties air-gapped from the systems I use for work and play. For a while I did have a VM set up for such purposes but it was more hassle than it was worth so I went the old PC route (forty quid off eBay).

  3. Dieter Haussmann

    "Gatekeeper, allowing users to restrict which sources they can install applications from." - It would be more accurate to say it allow you decide which Applications open based on source, not install. You can still install them but not launch them

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