back to article Cisco plans routers that are servers, or vice-versa, with KVM aboard

Cisco will shortly announce enhancements to its integrated service routers that will make it hard to know if they're a networking appliance or a server. Or a hybrid of both. Cisco already offers the UCS E-series servers, small form factor machines that can plug into devices like the 4000-series integrated service routers. …

  1. jake Silver badge

    That might be a server or router ...

    But it certainly isn't anything approaching a firewall ... not by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. Litewave

    Others already doing this for SDN and NFV

    Juniper has already announced their NFX250 range of products which has similar capabilities to this Cisco announcement, it's not a differentiator for Cisco it's more of a me too.

  3. markharris

    That is the 'new reality'

    The whole premise of the OCP/ONIE switching market is that the horsepower and switching chips found inside these industry standard designs, when coupled with an operating system that uses it properly, can run circles around most everything else. Put it all together and you see a robust 'server' coupled with a wirespeed switching plane. Companies like ours were founded to unleash this era of commoditized platform, and have offered 'server'-like services inside the switching fabric itself for years.

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