back to article Accenture leans back, receives £86m Met Police contract

The Metropolitan Police has inked a £86m deal with Accenture to manage its applications, the latest contract award in the force's plan to shave £200m from its IT budget over the next three years by carving up its existing Capgemini contract. The deal will last for five years, with the option of a three year extension. The …

  1. chris 17 Silver badge

    all because the Met don't know how to manage IT contracts.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We did exactly the same thing at a previous contract of mine, split one large support contract into 3 smaller ones under the umbrella of a main contractor. It resulted in a lot of finger pointing over even the simplest of issues. Theoretically it's a good model. Unfortunately we don't live in a theoretical world.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Of course it does, that's the result anyone would expect. Still, it costs less so CIOs pursue it because they can collect bonuses based on cost cutting and use that to step up the ladder to a bigger job. Taking care to leave before things get to the point where there is more energy expended finger pointing than fixing things and shit hits the fan.

    2. All names Taken

      And then what is there to stop the main contractors from sub-contracting anyway?

      Maybe Das Kapitalata meets Accent shure?

      1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        Das Kapitalata

        Is that a new tax free Swiss sourced Starbucks coffee?

    3. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      "Unfortunately we don't live in a theoretical world."

      When I first started out as a field break/fix PC service tech over 20 years ago, this was a problem then. Hardware, software and network all "managed" by different companies No doubt other industries have "suffered" the same finger pointing exercises for far longer. No one, it seems, ever "learns lessons".

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Should have done some detective work

    ...before awarding that contract to Accenture.

    A brief news search on the terms "Accenture" and "Police Scotland" doesn't look like a great advert. But if the Met can't even drive a web browser, then I suppose a botched IT contract will be the least of the problems the people of London have.

  4. Robert Moore

    Silly coppers,

    tech outsourcing doesn't save money. (Never has, never will.)

    And outsourcing to Accenture is just insane.

  5. BelieveItOrNot

    what could possibly go wrong?

    1. boltar Silver badge

      Re: what could possibly go wrong?


      Given the LSE seem to think that selling the UKs main stock exchange to foreign owners is a good idea (well I suppose if you're on the board and will get a fat golden retirement handshake I suppose it is) the fact that they chose Accenture in the first place doesn't surprise me at all.

  6. boltar Silver badge

    They've hired Accenture to SAVE money??


    Just wait until the invoices start coming in for "extra" work required. Which is usually to undo some fuckup one of their "consultants" made in the first place.

    Still, one can only hope Accenture live down to their usual low standards and totally bugger up the ANPR database in Hendon which illegally stores data on when and where from all APNR cameras in the country for far longer than the law allows.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mind how you go!

    I'm almost sad I'll be retired before there's a boondoggle to insource everything after the inevtiable abject failure.

    NB What ever happened to May's great idea of the 'Police IT Company' to provide these services?

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Mind how you go!

      "NB What ever happened to May's great idea of the 'Police IT Company' to provide these services?"

      That might actually make sense if it was restricted to defining a set of APIs so contractors could be brought in to develop back-end or front-end systems that could actually talk to each other. You could even have competing back- or front-end systems.

      Ah, the perfect world. If only we lived in it.

  8. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Nice to see that the government are putting their "we're going to outsource to smaller consultancies" plan into practice.

  9. Dave 15 Silver badge


    They win the contract because the civil service refuse to allow any new company to win a contract on the stupid clause that 'they havent done it before'... of course they havent because only one company hs.

    They then pass the work out to a bunch of engineers in Bangalore (further destroying British industry, further draining money from the UK).

    Those engineers will never have done anything like this before (the company has, but not the teams used).

    The engineers will get paid nearly the same a month as the police are paying accenture a day.

    And so the rich fat cats at the top get richer, the lubricating money slides to the civil servants and politicians who ensure the cosy relationship is protected

    The tax payer ends up paying a huge bill for nothing much, gets some platitudes, pays unemployment to engineers here that should be doing the job, and sees shops etc. going bust because the engineers who should be being paid but are on the dole aren't buying anything. Then the taxpayer pays housing benefits to the whole damned lot who should be working but aren't

    Then the 'powers that be' insult our intelligence by telling us this is all in the name of 'best value'. Not just the computer systems but police cars, army uniforms, guns, tanks, planes, ships, wall paper.. everything is handled in the same way.

    Britain goes down the pan

    In the meantime OTHER countries go and buy local and their economies survive and sometimes even flourish (find a foreign build cop car in Germany or France... just try, you will fail)

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