back to article MapR whips out a pack of ACEs, eyes up containing Docker users

MapR has announced new security enhancements for its big data customers, as well as bringing in a services layer for enterprises tinkering with Docker. Container technology, such as Docker, has been spoken of by plenty of developers of late, potentially needlessly. MapR reckon there is a problem, in that standard Docker …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The interesting thing is that you are seeing a potential change in the clustering model behind Hadoop.

    In today's data center you have to carve out your cluster and its static. You really can't dynamically change the cluster as needed.

    So you need to consider changing the model to a compute/storage model. (e.g. AWS EC2 clusters using S3 for the permanent storage and running their M/R jobs against the data directly in S3)

    Here, you can spin up / spin down the resources as needed. (Although the data lake/sewer will continue to grow over time unless you decide to migrate older data to colder (iceberg) storage.

    Docker fits in when you need to spin up or spin down your compute clusters. However, you may also want to consider spinning up and spinning down nodes in your lake as needed. Or consider that if you have rows and rows of machines all running VMs on the same subnet behind a massive firewall within your DC, you can now spin up / spin down spark clusters, M7(HBase), Storm, Kafka, web, etc.. for better utilization.

    Makes it a bit more interesting.

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