back to article Here's one obscure little EU data protection rule that would be good

Those concerned with data protection and privacy have their work cut out in the UK. On top of understanding what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Directive in the field of law enforcement both mean in practice, this week saw the publication of: the Investigative Powers Bill (which …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Patriot Shield

    So, under this "Privacy Shield" how do EU citizens get our MANDATORY EU judicial right when USA goes slurping up our data?

    Without this "shield" we can sue the US corporation who moved our data from EU to US to force them to move the data under EU jurisdiction and thus enforce the privacy right, and right to judicial process.

    But with this "shield" we cannot. So the only thing its shielding is US corps.

    The "proposals to allow general data sharing for the convenience of public bodies" is what they're doing now illegally, and trying to legalize, while pretending its already legal:

    I remember the ISC expression concern that this big surveillance database, was accessible by everyone, and had no legal basis. Since softened to 'implicit but not explicit' legal basis. Which is false, since slurping all the data and Googling it, is in no way is equivalent to anything that's been legally authorized, and this it is not "implicit". It has no judicial protection, no minimization, no proportionality...

    Imagine a criminal court case, you slurped and datamined the defendants data, but also the judges, the juries, the court officials, the witnesses data, the investigating officers data, all their families, friends.... you ran queries that searched ALL of their data too! How is that in anyway related to any legally authorized process? How can we ensure you didn't rig the jury judge and court to get the prosecution you seek?

    The "the Investigative Powers Bill" is just Snoopers Charter on steroids, a law that has been repeatedly REJECTED. I'm sure any Home Secretary that would seek to enforce Parliaments laws on out of control security apparatus would have been prevented from taking office. Do you have a nice big file on Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Yes isn't it? You can go tap tap tap and pull up his next speech before he even opens his mouth! Tap tap tap and their phone becomes a surveillance mic, their smartphone camera a live feed.

    1. Julz
      Big Brother

      Re: Patriot Shield

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Patriot Shield

      Maybe the IP bill is being pushed through as pre-emptive revenge to mess up the negotiations after the English vote to leave the EU ?

      1. subject

        Re: Patriot Shield

        No, this is just the annual game between HMG and the High Court.

        1. We pass a snooper's charter

        2. You strike it down.

        3. We go to 1.

    3. subject

      Re: Patriot Shield

      Privacy Shield and the Investigatory Powers Bill close cousins in that both of their predecessors (Safe Harbour and the first Snoopers' Charter) have been struck down by the Courts (the CJEU and the English High Court respectively), and *for the same reasons*. Interestingly, the first Snoopers' Charter is coming up before the CJEU.

  2. Julz
    Big Brother

  3. All names Taken


    What has the German Democratic Peoples Republic got to do with this?

  4. John Brown (no body) Silver badge


    "We also have a BCS DP Practitioner Qualification (starting in London on April 12 and in Edinburgh on April 25). BCS DP Foundation Certificate (starting in London on March 15-17)."

    Have I just been rick-rolled by an advertiser?

    1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Re: Publicity

      You and me both, kid... I take solace from it not being about DevOps this time.

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