back to article Securo-bods snigger into sleeves at Norse Corp as conf sponsor

Judging from comments both public and private, a lot of attendees at this year's RSA 2016 conference were somewhat surprised to pick up badges and lanyards emblazoned with the logo of threat intelligence firm Norse Corp. RSA badge Norse shows it's still out there The firm has had a rocky road over the last few months, …

  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Whistling on the graveyard

    Big talk when the bubble pop is nearer than one might think....

    Who will be on RSA 2017?

    1. cmannett85

      Re: Whistling on the graveyard

      I'm still hoping for Threatbutt.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    A company that has gotten into trouble through mismanagement or not, causing many people to lose their jobs, and all that the reset of the security industry can do is laugh and make jokes about it, probably due to Norse being in the spot light before hand and them wishing it had been them, it is just disgraceful. They are all just scum if they think that is fine.

  3. EddieD


    I'm not surprised they're having problems...

    I tried to get that threat map working in any browser at home, failed, e-mailed them for advice, no reply, but I now get* spammed to death on their mailling list.

    *Should be got. Mail now goes to /dev/null

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Much ado About Nothing

    Surprised at the dog piling on Norse over absolutely nothing. Seems like a bunch basement dwellers hoping for their demise. Here is what we know:

    CEO of a cash-flush start up doesn't control his burn rate and underestimates the sales cycle (that has NEVER happened in the history of start ups!). Leads to layoffs and canning the CEO- Smart move IMO.

    Disgruntled employees bash company (that also NEVER happens).

    A competitor from a company younger than Norse disparages their methodology in his blog (Another shocking revelation- I can't believe a competitor would question their work).

    A hack blogger posts a hatchet piece constructed of numerous falsehoods, irrelevant information, quotes from the aforementioned disgruntled employees all why trying to paint a salacious picture of a company that apparently rejected his solicitation of assets. Vindictive? Maybe. Irresponsible? Definitely. Wonder if he has needed to lawyer up yet. If I were Norse, I would drop the hammer.

    Apparently the company still exists and is still doing their thing with 40% of the staff. Whatever. Clearly this is soap opera garbage that has wadded the panties of those haters who wait in the wings hoping for others to fail.

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