back to article Dell-EMC Federation, stardate 11254.7: What about the storage?

With SEC filings describing the top execs heading the intended Dell-EMC federation, the structure of the storage business becomes clearer. Basically – and surprisingly – there is no change yet. Looking at the roles of the level 2 execs reporting to Michael Dell, we now know: Michael Dell runs the whole show, Joe Tucci …

  1. Michael Habel Silver badge

    Was this report filed from the TARDIS?! (August 6th, 1933)....

  2. Alister Silver badge

    I just knew this would bring out the Star Trek Stardate geeks...

    I make that April 3, 2334, Time: 23:10:19

  3. Michael Habel Silver badge

    So who's correct here?

    Mr Alister has likely used to make his guess...

    I just happened to use the converter located at...

    Unfortunately it seems that the same Stardate of 11245.7 can either return a 1933 Date, or his April 2334 Date. So I'm gonna stick with the StarTrek Online version and, continue to ask if the Author has recently been seen 'round a Blue Police Box

    1. Alister Silver badge

      Re: So who's correct here?

      So I'm gonna stick with the StarTrek Online version

      NOOO! It's not canon...

      It even says "This does not work for the television shows or movies. It is only for Star Trek Online. "


  4. damnyankee

    Some of this is simple

    Equallogic was already on its way out from Dell. They will likely also kill their PowerVault line of rebadged Netapp E-series (again, already in progress). That plan will progress as planned, potentially slightly accelerated. Dell Fluid FS seems to be in some ways superior to VNX Unified/Gateway, and so may shuffle in there, as it's already backend agnostic. Dell has nothing to compete with VMAX, Isilon, DSSD, or Xtremio, so no real changes there. EMC is used to and comfortable with some product overlap (EMC Networker vs Avamar, Isilon/VNX file, LARGE VNX and VMAXe, or going backwards, Clariion & Celerra iSCSI).

    VPLEX will be the real hero here, frontending VNX, Compellent, & VMAX arrays and providing a huge boost in resiliency to the Dell arrays over Live Volume.

    The Dell DR appliances will complement the Data Domain ones, and I expect they'll take some of the Ocarina patents and run with them, eventually merging the product lines. On the software side, the Dell backup products are probably not long for this world, due to poor customer feedback. I'd expect some of their features to be rolled into other products and then they'll be quietly killed, or they'll be sold off to help fund the acquisition, as has been rumored before.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Some of this is simple

      "Dell has nothing to compete with VMAX, Isilon, DSSD, or Xtremio, so no real changes there."

      A very small elephant in the cupboard is Fluid Cache (ex RNA Networks) which:

      a) will do 60 million IOPS, with networked redundancy, zero extra rack footprint and for comparatively cheep.

      b) no one cares about for some reason.

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