back to article Confirmed: IBM slurps up Bruce Schneier with Resilient purchase

After nearly a week of rumors IBM has confirmed it has bought incident response firm Resilient Systems and so gained the services of its CTO security guru Bruce Schneier. "We are excited to be joining IBM Security, the industry's fastest-growing enterprise security company," said John Bruce, Resilient Systems' CEO. "By …

  1. Ole Juul

    Does this signal a change?

    Perhaps this is the beginning of a new era where corporations will stop playing victim and be proactive with their security.

    1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

      Re: Does this signal a change?

      Maybe, but most business see taking sane precautions as an unnecessary expense. Until they get well and truly shafted, that is, and then it was "a bad boy did it and ran away!"

      1. tom dial Silver badge

        Re: Does this signal a change?

        Indeed so. Even more, there exist organizations that consider IT to be "not our core business" and therefore an expense to be reduced as far as possible. These probably do not even consider information assurance as a separate category.

        It is to be hoped that such organizations are becoming fewer, in view of the apparently increasing level of threat, and that those where the managers have some degree of reason are outsourcing to companies with a sense of what is needed.

    2. Yes Me Silver badge

      "Perhaps this is the beginning of a new era..."

      Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Haven't you been noticing that IBM ingests, digests, and disposes of small companies by the dozen, and has done so for at least 20 years?

  2. PhilBack

    Blue wash ahead

    I wonder how the product will end up after the treatment.

    1. asdf

      Re: Blue wash ahead

      Well not sure in this case but starts with prices disappearing off the web site and the whole if you have to ask up front you can't afford it which is the norm with big blue.

  3. Peter Simpson 1

    Sure hope he will be allowed to continue publishing CryptoGram...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Black Helicopters

      I hope so on Cryptogram, but IBM has a lot of contracts with the intelligence community. I worked at their Almaden Lab about 10 years back, and our group had a contract with a 3-letter agency that we internally half-jokingly called "the customer that cannot be named".

      We'll see if Big Blue ultimately tries to quash Mr. Schneier's outside journalizing and commentary.

      1. Peter Simpson 1

        No Such Agency.

        // they have a very nice museum...

  4. Mr. A. N. Onymous

    Welcome, Bruce et all. Can't wait to hear how you adapt to our own brand of security theater.

  5. Robert Halloran

    Bruce says in his own blog ( that he's optimistic about them leaving his existing work alone.

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