back to article Storage upstart E8 claims it has a 10 million IOPS flash dazzler. Hmm

Israeli startup E8 Storage is gearing up to emerge from stealth with a fantastical-seeming flying flash tray. The 2U box is claimed to deliver 10 million IOPS from 7 to 140TB (usable capacity) of NVMe-connected, 2.5-inch SSDs. It scales to support hundreds of accessing servers, providing block-based storage; a flash SAN. The …

  1. Kay Burley ate my hamster


    Naming yourself after the postcode for Dalston does not make you cool. ;)

  2. happy but not clappy

    Push the controller logic onto the client


    1. Nate Amsden

      Re: Push the controller logic onto the client

      Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen!

  3. briancarmody

    I've seen it, it's real. Congrats Zivan and team.

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

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