back to article Google punts freebie DDoS shield to hacks, human rights worthies

Google has launched a free service to protect news websites against DDoS attacks. Project Shield will also be offered to human rights and election monitoring websites as a way of fending off increasingly commonplace site-swamping DDoS assaults. Google is offering to "reverse proxy" qualifying websites' traffic through Google's …

  1. CrazyCanuck

    I guess Steven Gibson could use this because he had another DDOS attack around Valentines day. He talks about it on Security Now.

  2. RyokuMas Silver badge

    "Google has promised not to use log info in order to serve advertising"

    About as believable as anything that come out of David Cameron's mouth.

    1. g e


      That's his MOUTH???

  3. Skoorb

    So, El Reg and the Grauniad are going to be signing up for this then?

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