back to article European Patent Office extends olive branch to furious trade unions

In an effort to defuse increasing tensions at the European Patent Office (EPO), trade unions will for the first time be given legal status at the organization. The move is an olive branch after years of infighting at the intergovernmental organization, and comes after a letter from the Board of the EPO's Administrative Council …

  1. PaulAb

    Combine these organisations now!

    US Congressman calls WIPO 'the FIFA of UN agencies' at hearing 25th Feb 2016

    If EPO and WIPO could find the time in between in-fighting and incompetence, and combine the organisations then, at least we could have the interesting organisational name 'POOP/WE (Yea, I know..Poop and Wee) - it's hilarious, but then, I still like Benny Hill. Where's a small Irish fella when you want to slap a head(Other nationalities are also available).

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: Combine these organisations now!

      Well, that might work or at least provide entertainment value. It'll end up as a pissing contest between the heads of both empires.... err.. organizations to be in charge. Might even be more fun if we drag the USPTO in and maybe the Chinese.

  2. Barry Mahon

    Recall that this DG had his term extended in '14. Why?

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. WatAWorld

    Obviously gross mis-management

    Obviously gross mismanagement.

    Any company that allowed something like this to go on for so long would have faced a series of successful lawsuits followed by a shareholder revolt.

    Any democratic institution that allowed something like this to go on for so long would have been voted out of office by citizens.

    That is the problem with the EU, it is anti-democratic, it is an oligarchic bureaucratic autocracy.

    The UK is but one of many EU countries whose intelligent citizens generally realize that the EU is destroying democracy and must either be vastly restrained or left.

    Only those who stand against democracy support a stronger EU.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Obviously gross mis-management

      The European Patent Convention is nothing to do with the EU. The EPO is a supra-national organisation, that is separate from, and not governed by the EU. It is run by the president, who is supervised by an administrative council (AC), which has a member appointed by each contracting states. In this case, the AC is reigning in the president for upsetting the staff, and he is (apparently) chucking his toys out of the pram.

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