back to article Oh TechNation. Britain's got tech talent. Just not like this

It was ironic that this month’s crowing Tech Nation report, which wrongly claimed the UK digital sector “was growing 32 per cent faster than the rest of the economy,” almost coincided with the total collapse of one of the sector’s biggest – and loudest – stars, Powa Technologies. Compiled by Tech City and NESTA, an innovation …

  1. Anonymous Coward


    Maybe they just forgot about Sage in Newcastle Upon Tyne or Silicon Fen in Cambridgeshire where ARM (arguably the most successful of the UK's digital companies) is Headquartered, because they are well established old, not reliant on the tax payer's money and lack Hipsters.

    Could I just suggest something "radical", how about building a digital economy based on boring things like accountancy software or sound electronic engineer like CPU design, crazy though it sounds it might just work.

    1. TheOtherHobbes

      Re: ClusterFuck

      ARM and IBM aren't "digital".

      The kind of "digital" these people do involves web sites with garish pastel graphics and smiley rounded fonts, and a lot of bouncy empty-headed enthusiasm.

      At least half the people involved know nothing about hardware or software.

      This is not an exaggeration. Someone asked me to contribute to a "digital" college course recently, and the "digital motivator" running it had put together a lesson plan with "Note to self - find out if apps are made with CSS" in one of the boxes. She'd left exactly two hours - one session - for a complete introduction to hands-on app development.

      Y'see, when you're "digital", nothing is hard, and everything is possible. Except... not really.

      Unless you're the kind of person who has the brilliant ideas and gets other people with real skills to do the work. Now that's "digital."

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "the average digital salary"

    My Diablo III witch doctor just made 45 million gold this week thanks to a treasure goblin portal. I'm not sure what the conversion rate to pounds is, but I'm pretty sure that counts as a digital salary.

    I made considerably less last month, as usual, but I'm pretty sure I do not earn a "digital" salary. I earn real money that pays the bills, even if I know that it is stored digitally.

    Any report that makes such fanciful and sweeping vocabulary changes on a whim is not one I would trust to begin with since it has obviously been written by a bunch of tweens fresh out of high school with the impression that their blathering is professional and has world-impacting importance.

    Hint : it doesn't. Get back to work and do things properly next time.

    1. Solmyr ibn Wali Barad

      Re: "the average digital salary"

      "I'm pretty sure I do not earn a "digital" salary"

      Maybe you do. Does your paycheck show binary zeroes or decimal? They may look fairly similar for the uninitiated, non-digital mind, but it is a crucially important distinction for the digital economy. Just like Yahoo! exclamation mark isn't just any old exclamation mark.

      Maybe we could convince Bong to elaborate on this matter in a future article.

  3. Novex


    ...and surrounding area: part of the digital economy? Don't make me laugh, it hurts too much.

    1. GeezaGaz

      Re: Bournemouth...

      Yes Bournemouth, full of blue rinse and stinks of piss

      1. Vic

        Re: Bournemouth...

        Bournemouth, full of blue rinse and stinks of piss

        Good airshow, though. Let's hope the CAA doesn't bollocks it up.

        There's a petition if anyone's interested...


  4. ACcc


    My guess on the average salary is they've got the average after putting IT into a job search, and looked at a minimum of 20k for general day-job to 120k for City based VBA type contracts and gone "well the average must be half way between the two".

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Oh my god what have I done?

    Tomorrow they'll be a brain stormed blue sky thinking weather front over Shoreditch, raining applications for funding to provision a crowd sourced finance, DevOpped microservice management and accounting portal for aspiring farmers using their smartphones with a supplementary subsidy for broadband 4G connectivity grants for rural areas. No...

    1. Cynical Observer

      Re: Oh my god what have I done?

      You sir deserve this ---->

      If only for managing to get all that into a new gubbermint buzz phrase* whilst not having your brains explode.

      *Coming soon to a politician near you!

    2. BoldMan

      Re: Oh my god what have I done?

      ... and don't forget the storage business and writing articles for The Conversation! :)

  6. Anonymous Coward

    I googled it,

    apparently the premium metric for a digital economy is that no one in IT pays tax. Cool.

    1. Chris G

      Re: I googled it,

      Me too, from their site;

      Tech City UK was launched in Shoreditch in 2010 by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron to support the East London tech cluster known as Silicon Roundabout. We have since grown our support to Greater London and other cities around the UK.

      "We are a publicly, funded non-profit team with a private sector mentality. Our focus is on creating the optimum conditions for digital technology businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive across the UK. Through our programmes and policy work, we accelerate the growth of digital businesses in London and across cities at all stages of their development.

      We receive public funding from the UK Government’s Department for Culture, Media & Sport, via Innovate UK. Our funding for 2015-2016 is £2.2 million and covers our programmes, policy informing and championing work. In order to deliver greater support to the digital business community we complement a small percentage of our funding through sponsorship.

      Our vision and culture

      We are a small team with big ambitions (and smiles :)"

      What more can you expect from one of Dave's well informed twch ventures?

      I like the way it is funded by a ministry that lumps IT in with Culture, Media and Sport, Media may be IT related in some aspects but it is wrong to describe the IT industry as a part of Media, more like the other way round in reality.

      The smiles mentioned above are probably related to the 'Small Team' divvying up £2.2m and looking at minimum £50k wages.

      Thinks: Must grow a beard and a silly haircut.

      1. ACcc

        Re: I googled it,

        We receive public funding from the UK Government’s Department for Culture, Media & Sport, via Innovate UK. Our funding for 2015-2016 is £2.2 million and covers our programmes, policy informing and championing work

        1) "Department for Culture, Media & Sport" != Tech

        2) "Innovate UK" - Barf

        3) "Our funding for 2015-2016 is £2.2 million" - for doing what? Wank like this?

        4) "policy informing and championing work" - did I mention barf?

        Also "championing work" this is obviously not the same as "Work" - I can Champion Work from my sofa in my underpants ("Go Work! Yay!") while accomplishing nothing.

        Mind you - I'm not averse to working in my underpants on the sofa should the need arise.

        I just don't champion it. I live it. I live the dream.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I googled it, aka non-profit team

        non-profit as in "non-paid"? If so, who then, pays their electricity bills?


        "Our funding for 2015-2016 is £2.2 million"

        oh, I get it... they don't make profit, they just go through "funding". Marvellous. Where can I apply...

      3. Allonymous Coward

        Re: I googled it,

        Innovate UK

        I had some dealings with these twerps a while back. A more oxymoronic organisation name would be hard to imagine.

  7. adnim

    What has the picture

    of a greedy promoter of the talentless got to do with the digital economy?

    ah ok.

    1. adnim

      Re: What has the picture

      Forgot to add... I wish I could turn shit into gold.

    2. Fihart

      Re: What has the picture

      Please, no further pictures of the lipless lord of musical mediocrity.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Remove That Offensive Picture!

      We do not need to keep seeing this over-promoted over-promoter, the fact that he has so much money and influence is a damning indictment of modern society and it is galling that those of us who do see it for what it is are continually punished for our clarity of perception.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This just reminded me of "The Thick of It"

    and the coalition drive for digital entrepreneurs

  9. hugo tyson

    Tool users vs tool makers

    They're failing to distinguish people who use IT as a tool to run their business - ie. have a website and email and maybe an online shop - and those who actually make new IT/digital things. And the people who make websites for businesses, or set up their email, are somewhere in between, IMHO rather closer to users.

    Like people who make TV ads or soap operas are not innovating in the photography business.

    It's like classifying every business which acquired a shiny new landline in the 1920s and '30s as a telecoms business. (Might have the decades wrong but YKWIM)

    It's like saying that B&Q is part of the steel industry because they sell spanners.

    1. Triggerfish

      Re: Tool users vs tool makers

      The day the politicians need to show a rise in the steel industry, then it will be. Currently though it's being used to show sales in the construction industry and that affordable homebuilding is on the rise, honest.

  10. Chika

    Just got back from a job interview

    What did I miss?

    Oh, him. Annoying talentless smugfaced bastard who promoted his way to the top rather than did anything really constructive.

    Sad really. I spend my life training then get kicked from job interview to job interview while he smiles that smug grin of his and rakes it in off the back of other people's talent. Makes me sick.

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