back to article Spotify hits the G-Spot, leaps into Google's cloud

Google's cloud has scored big: music streaming service Spotify, the subject of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) case study, has made a big bet on The Chocolate Factory's cloud. The announcements by Google and Spotify tell a tale of streamer operating from its own bit barns and some AWS resources. Spotify says it decided the time …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    What about redundancy and DR ?

    I would have thought that such an organization would want to ensure 100% uptime whatever happened. Putting everything into one basket, even a basket internally redundant and failovered and whatnot such as Google (or AWS for that matter), is still only one basket.

    Cloud has demonstrated that there is no vendor that can boast 100% uptime over time. Okay, some are worse than others (eh, Microsoft?), but cloud is not easy and no one is safe from unscheduled downtime.

    So, is this a demonstration that one cannot easily switch from one cloud vendor to another, or is it just ignorance of proper DR protocol ?

    1. Dr Who

      Re: What about redundancy and DR ?

      Many SMEs do indeed blindly trust in one platform provider, but in Spotify's case I suspect it's a calculated business risk. Google is less likely to go bankrupt than Spotify, so they probably won't disappear overnight. The cost of downtime is a known factor as is the cost of using multiple providers. Given the dependence on proprietary Google tools, having a second provider would involve a complete port of the system to another set of tools. I imagine the cost of this massively outweighs the cost of projected downtime.

      Downtime in itself is not necessarily an evil. The cost of five nines often outweighs the business advantages of doing it.

    2. Adam 52 Silver badge

      Re: What about redundancy and DR ?

      "Cloud has demonstrated that there is no vendor that can boast 100% uptime"

      I can't think of any multi-region AWS outages. Realistically almost all people will find multi-region gives them as good an uptime as they'll ever need.

      Multi-provider is hard because the cloud vendors are all trying to lock you in/improve interoperability between their products. There is a massive amount of work in abstracting away the differences and it limits flexibility to the extent that everyone I know that's tried it has given up. Multi-region is also hard because of the architectural challenges but worth it for someone like Spotify (for at least some features).

      People will do hybrid models - cloning s3 to Google storage for backup is a common one (and that also allows use of Google's bigquery stack)

    3. Martin Summers Silver badge

      Re: What about redundancy and DR ?

      I thought Spotify used P2P?So wouldn't need to worry so much about eggs and baskets.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Queue an increase of Spotify Ops people CVs on the market.

  3. Cynical Observer

    Ahhhh! But will we now be encouraged to sign into Spotify using Google+

    1. jaywin

      No, nobody is encourage by Google+

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