back to article Cisco’s feeling hyper: UCS servers, Springpath ... are you thinking what we're thinking?

Cisco’s storage array game has been broken since the Invicta all-flash arrays were canned last year, but the growing tide of hyper-converged systems, featuring server-centric, virtual SAN-based storage, presents it with a big opportunity. Albeit, one with a dash of VCE partner EMC competition but, hey, what’s new? Cisco is, …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So I've seen the NDA info as I'm sure others have. Without violating the NDA agreements, is this partnership viable? My own $.02 is that for the price point, it's going to get ugly in the HCI space IF the Cisco boots on the ground don't pull another Invicta sales pitch.

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