back to article Operation Blockbuster security biz: We'll get you, Sony hackers

A newly created cross-industry initiative aims to pool resources in order to bring down – or, at least, disrupt – the hackers behind the infamous attack against Sony Pictures back in 2014. The Lazarus Group, which may in reality consist of several associated groups of attackers or hacking crews, started around seven years …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Enterprise cyber-espionage cyber-related cyber-sabotage?

    Just who is responsible for all this Android cyber espionage malware?

    1. Camilla Smythe

      Re: Enterprise cyber-espionage cyber-related cyber-sabotage?

      That would be Google.

      Apparently they layered a load of Java on top of a Linux Kernel and ended up with something insecure. Rumour has it that Oracle is suing them because that should have been their job. Otherwise, as any fule kno, SCO invented Unix from what Java and Linux is derived and are rather miffed that they ran out of money before they could bugger it up as was their right. I did not ask Clive Sinclair for comment because he would not have been available.

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