back to article Vodafone puts hundreds of Brits on the 'at risk of layoffs' list

Vodafone has embarked on a major cost purge that could see hundreds of workers laid off, insiders have told The Register. El Reg was contacted by staff at the telco who told us around one-fifth of those put at risk of redundancy are techies, but that many more in “customer-facing” roles will go too. Vodafone employed 12,391 …

  1. IsJustabloke

    Burn them with fire.

    Shittest. Company. ever.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Burn them with fire.

      Shittest. Company. ever.

      Certainly Vodafone have the shittest IVR in the history of this world (and probably a few other worlds even), and a web site that isn't far behind.

      Not much hope for a company that can't organise a phone menu, or even enable customer to actually speak to a human, is there?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Burn them with fire.

      Mods! If you still do QOTW i would like to nominate IsJustablokes impassioned plea:)

  2. JimS

    "most competitive market place in the history of our industry"

    I suppose that's true when your customer service and web account interface are a total joke, couple that with a complete lack of 4G roll out outside of large urban areas and they're probably shedding customers hand over fist in the UK.

    Recently cancelled our account with them, tried to call them with an account query and they'd never heard of us before, seriously, no company information and nothing linked to previous telephone numbers. Took me nearly 4 hours of pressing various keys, shouting expletives at recorded messages, getting cut off because the customer support couldn't be arsed to work out what was going on, being pushed from one rep to another, waiting whilst various reps systems crashed etc.

    The last email I received from them had so many dead support URL's in the body and footer it wasn't even funny after a while.

    Sadly the only option we had was to move to EE, at the moment their 4G and customer service has been fantastic (about 5 calls in so far!), a human picks up within a few rings, sorts the problem, done in 5 minutes. Shudder to think what BT will do to their CS though...

    Feel sorry for anyone laid off by them, but boy do Vodafone deserve to be suffering, worst company ever (this week).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "most competitive market place in the history of our industry"

      Feel sorry for anyone laid off by them,

      All of them? What if some of them are responsible for the irremoveable, unused, unwanted, worthless Vodabloat that they saddle on new handsets? The very stuff that confers no user value, but results in the inability to upgrade the phone OS in a timely manner. If those people are going, then I say "Hurrah! Pack your bags and go!"

      However, I suppose the nightmare (and likely) scenario is that the Vodabloat teams are kept, and its the already weak customer support and customer facing systems staff who are for the axe.

      Whenever I see a headline about Vodafone, it's always about something that's not good. That Colon Vittororarerarea is a useless tool, maybe they could give him his cards?

      1. YodaFone

        Re: "most competitive market place in the history of our industry"

        Sadly this round of redundancies is purely driven by the accountnts not common sense. Flat 20% head count reduction across all teams to try get OPEX under control. No managers at risk though, so all the high cost timwasters will continue to mismanage the company into the ground.

        When they bought C&W it appears that not only did they get a nationwide fibre network but they also inherited the famous traits of being both clueless and witless. They haven't taken into account projects in flight, major strategic investments or how busy each team is; just a simple 20% must go and the rest must pick up there work.

        Permanent staff with years of experience go out of the door while contractors keep they're jobs. Vodafone are dumping the brains out of the business and keeping the clueless incompetents who don't understand what a network is let alone how to run one successfully.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: "most competitive market place in the history of our industry"

          Permanent staff with years of experience go out of the door while contractors keep they're jobs

          Having failed to ink a deal with the likes of VM or Sky, they're in trouble in City scribbler land (I don't believe all this "multi-play" shit myself, but the City do). Presumably they're sprucing up short terms results in the hope of somebody bidding for them.

  3. s. pam Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Must be a damn fine comfort to those involved

    That Yoda is advertising for hundreds of jobs all over the Interweb right now for positions in Newbury and beyond. I've had recruiters calling/emailing me like mad for the last several months "due to continued expansion and growth...." is comforting...!

  4. kingwahwah

    Been an advocate personally and for various business accounts I've run since mid-90s even vodacom days.

    But I am leaving them next month and dont recommend them anymore. I'm the only person I know on them.

    For me not good value, terrible 4G signal (inc. centre of towns) compared to mates phones and online portal is so bad I don't bother.

    I imagine they will lose BTs business now.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Goodbye voda

      After 5 years of virtually no signal at work and a flat battery at the end of the day, finally quit vodaphone today, but was subjected to the must follow script treatment, including the "a sure signal box will solve all your problems" despite making it clear the problem was at the work place, which even if such a thing was allowed, would cover a few desks at best. Then offered TV / spotify and so on before finally getting the "is there anything I can do to keep you ?" , "Not unless you can build a transmitter nearby".

      Whole process took 40 mins to finally get the PAC code as they were experiencing high volumes of calls, so PAC generation was slow. Should be getting quicker at the rate they're going.

      Pity the shrinking alternatives aren't that great either.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    1200 going in VFUK, 300+ in VF Germany. The company is out of control. The workers have no confidence in the management

  6. yiorgos

    After the atrocious customer support I have (failed to) received the last few months I really won't shed a single tear if the whole company evaporates to /dev/null

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      After the atrocious customer support

      Since their October re-shuffle and departmental cuts, we have now after 8 years decided enough is enough, the account manager seems to "not get the message" from the CS bod on several occasions and only seemed answer emails when we requested a termination fee with a crawling "sorry, what can we do to keep you" type response

  7. g7rpo

    Appalling company

    Amazingly bad customer service, called at least twice a week to get money they owed me due to a previous over billing. Each time promised the amount would be credited, each time was a lie. After 4 months they finally gave me the refund.

    Unlikely that customer services are based in the uk but lying and fobbing customers off seems to be endemic within Vodafone

  8. G R Goslin

    If this is in customer service....

    ...It will be no loss. I had the "customer service" routine, when something I ordered failed to arrive. It took six weeks and innumerable 'phone calls on my part, to resolve. A subsequent complaint, in respect of the poor way it had been handled went even better. It ran for seven months and never got beyond my first letter of complaint.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...Me how Colao has destroyed the culture, produced abysmal results with the best resources and continues in position. He talks a lot but really he should have gone ages ago. The UK is a basket case.

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