back to article Samsung S7 tease suggests phone likes it hot and wet

Samsung Indonesia has posted a YouTube video depicting “The Next Galaxy”, presumably the S7. The video is on a ”launchpack” site that mentions what most people already knew: Samsung will take the wraps off the new device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. The video's below, but we imagine it might go away once …

  1. djstardust

    No innovation

    Here we go again. Last year's phones slightly improved on (and of course new colours) but 100 times better according to the marketing department.

    Samsung really are trying to be Apple at every turn.

    Personally I don't like the way the Galaxy range has gone, and the prices are way, way over the top when you look at what Honor (Huwaei) are bringing to the table.

    P.S. Where is the SD card slot?

    Goodbye Samsung!

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: No innovation

      This is consumer electronics you know: continual, minor improvements combined with inbuilt obsolescence is what it's all about.

      While you and me might not like it, Apple has already demonstrated that non-removable batteries and storage can be very popular indeed. And this is not just some nebulous brand advantage: how many people have ever replaced the battery in their phone? Unified storage also means not needing to configure whether photos are stored on an SD card or not.

      And prices are determined by the market: just as with the IPhone 5c/5s, Samsung found itself selling more "Edge" versions of the S6 than they had anticipated, because the curved screen was seen "to be worth it" by many.

      As the market becomes more and more saturated and commodified there will be more attempts for this kind of differentiation. Just think of how luxury watches are manufactured: lots of emphasis on craftsmanship and special materials. OLED screens are still hard to make, curved ones are even harder.

      1. Wade Burchette

        Re: No innovation

        The beautiful thing about Apple is that they could sell overpriced iDirt and the Apple zealots would buy it and swear it is better than regular dirt. You cannot say what Apple does is what the market demands because Apple tells their market what they want.

        I have had a need to replace a battery in my phone. I kept it so long the battery life was greatly reduced. I need a removable battery. Occasionally I am in a signal-killing metal building which rapidly drains the battery on my phone. With a removable battery, I can keep a spare in the car.

        1. AZump

          Re: No innovation

          Don't give them anymore ideas. I can imagine it now: iDirt, superior to regualar dirt because it has been sterilized and sanitized. None of those pesky nutrients or micro-organisms to worry about. Of course, now you need to buy an iSeed which contains a shell fortified with the nutrients removed from iDirt, and iWater* containing nutrients and all the minerals stripped out of iDirt.

          Apple can take *anything* and make it theirs. ...and people with more money than branis will jump on it and embrace it, because, *Apple*. It's the culture. It's their choice. I'll keep my money while they happily part with theirs. choice.

          *well water.

    2. Bob Vistakin

      Users waking up to Apple ripping them off?

      That's nothing compared to the avalanche of top quality Chinese clones on the way. Just Google that, or check out the first random youtube video I hit.

      1. Triggerfish

        Re: Users waking up to Apple ripping them off?

        Have a look on Geekbuying at their phone range, you will recognise some of the manufacturers, but there's loads of Chinese ones on there as well.

  2. eJ2095

    Oh yay

    Now if it had a decent battery life that would be different but hey hum i guess not

    1. Triggerfish

      Re: Oh yay

      Battery life was sacrificed because they thought it was cooler and looked better on the brochures to make it 1 mm slimmer.

  3. djack

    Not even waterproof.

    Did you notice the description along with the video?

    "* The scene in the video is for dramatization purposes only. This product is not water resistant and it should not be exposed to and/or submerged into water/liquid."

    .. just like the S6.

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: Not even waterproof.

      If they dramatise a fridge does that mean it can wash clothes?

      I don't think even the ASA would let that advert be repeated in its current form.

    2. MrXavia

      Re: Not even waterproof.

      Just like the Sony X5, it may be IP68 rated... BUT the docs say DON'T intentionally immerse it...

      I.E. its to stop the phone being broke by accidently dropped in the toilet...

      I fell mis-sold as I wanted a phone I could take to the beach and leave in a pocket while swimming... Grrrr

  4. ratfox

    If your Bahasa's better than hours, feel free to get in touch with the details.

    Alas, my knowledge of Bahasa is minute.

    1. Gary Moore's Plectrum

      I'll second that.

    2. Jango

      Quality of editing lately is ticking me off

  5. VinceH

    Judging by the end of the video, the archer was using this phone in 2013 in a run up to the event she won, and another, older archer was using one in the same year to film (or photograph) her with the medal.

    Therefore, one of the new features of this model is time travel.

  6. thisisant

    Nothing useful in the video

    Indonesian here - The video doesn't show much technical-wise. If there isn't an 'S7' up there in the article title, I would have thought it as an S6 advertisment instead.

  7. nuclearstar

    This S7 does nothing extra over my Note 4 that I want, so I will be keeping my Note 4 for a while.

    The next time I upgrade it will probably be something with a rollout screen.

  8. Pristine Audio

    I'm looking at these pictures and I'm looking at my S6 Edge Plus and I'm seeing exactly the same phone....

    1. Triggerfish

      I think there is a limit on what you can add that keeps it worthwhile upgrading.

      Just recently lost my z3 and need to replace it, and looking at the z3+ and z5 is it worth paying the extra? The z3+ seems like such a step backwards its actually cheaper to buy in a lot of places than the older z3, the z5 really whats it adding? Nothing special enough to justify paying £300 more. I liked my Z3 for the battery life, as long as the camera takes a half way decent pic it'll do. Everything else seems an incremental increase I'm not really convinced the fingerprint scanner would have defeated the person who lifted my phone. I'm not actually sure theres much i have seen that would make me go from the z3 at the moment tbh.*

      So what am I paying for convince me phone company that the several hundred quid phone is obsolete 6-12 months later, and that I should pay a load of cash out again, I do not even

      upgrade my pc that often its uneccessary, and I use that for things like games.

      *ok if someone wants to send me the Motorola X-force to long term test I am cool with that (no really drop me a line), I do like that mostly because I tend to treat my tech badly though so unbreakable seems like an actual improvement, versus ooh it now photorgaphs with 2 extra MP on the camera.

  9. hattivat

    Let me explain in Language, the dominant language of Britain

    "Your correspondent's Bahasa (the dominant language of Indonesia) runs out on the first page of a restaurant menu"

    You do realize that <<Bahasa>> simply means "a language"? It's like you said "Your correspondent's <<Language>> (the dominant idiom of communication in Britain) runs out..."

    The language is simply known as Indonesian, ffs. Yes, Indonesians call it "bahasa Indonesia", but it's the "Indonesia" part that is relevant, just as its "English" in "the English language" that signifies the particular language we are having this conversation in.

    1. Triggerfish

      Re: Let me explain in Language, the dominant language of Britain

      Guess he knew even less indonesian than he thought then. :)

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Im not sure

    People understand the Samsung upgrade cycles. The S7 is not the successor to the S6...the S8 will be.

    Sames goes with the Note. The Note 3 was the successor to the Note 1. The new Note 5 is the sucessor to the 3. The 4 was the successor to the 2. Etc.

    Given the shelf life (as dictated by the Android updates they're willing to do) this should be obvious.

    Still rocking a GN3 here. Probably the best phone that will ever be made. Downhill for me from here.


  11. Dallas IT

    As for colors my S6 Edge is already gold, so that's not a new color. But Samsung's phones are very nice. I don't much care if they don't make crazy leaps every generation; just fine-tuning what is already good works for me.

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