back to article Toshiba denies it will exit the PC market

Toshiba is denying Japanese reports that it will exit the PC business. The company is restructuring in the wake of an accounting scandal in which it overstated profit by $2bn over seven years. To any outsider, the cutthroat PC market would seem a good place to start, The company is the world’s seventh biggest PC maker, …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh yes it will.

  2. OffBeatMammal

    they have been for a while

    given their level of customer support, and even sales support, I think they've been winding down for a while now and making sure they don't get repeat business is as good a way as any to guarantee an exit...


    If not Tosh laptops then who's?

    Lenovo? I don't think so...

    1. andykb3

      Re: If not Tosh laptops then who's?

      There's always Acer!

      I like Lenovo laptops. I've been issued them with work for the last few years and they all been pretty good.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Re: If not Tosh laptops then who's?

        There is always Acer...but will there always be an Acer?

    2. MyffyW Silver badge

      Re: If not Tosh laptops then who's?

      For work? The Dell Latitude is perfectly reasonable. I have an E7240 that's put up with the daily commute reasonably well and caused no more backache than an ill-fitting foundation garment.

    3. ad47uk

      Re: If not Tosh laptops then who's?

      Not that I am a lover of laptops, Acer is fine, I have a old Acer and still works fine, slow by todays standards, but ok. a mate of mine have a Toshiba laptop, years old it is but still great for what it is.

  4. Adam Jarvis

    Toshiba are Acer in all but name?

    Always thought the latest Toshiba were Acer/Pegatron in all but name, either that or made by Quanta for Toshiba etc.

    The classic 'real' 2005 era Toshiba Portege M100 12" Pentium-m Centrino Laptop, had such fundamental, strong design principles, many of which were important then as they are (copied) today.

    Maganese Alloy casing, with seamless plastic part in the lid to hold wifi antenna.

    Tiny screen bezel around the whole of the 4:3 1024x768 12.1" display. (bezel still smaller than nearly anything today)

    Thick solid copper metal thermal fan, sitting in the back left side of the laptop, with venting to the side/back corner-tiny yet worked a treat.

    Solid Alloy Framework-3mm to edges, either side of a full size laptop keyboard, covering the complete area in front of palmrest.

    Nipple / IBM Style pointer, which meant you didn't have to move your hands from the keyboard to use mouse, when typing.

    Large speakers sitting either side of the lower area of the screen, nearly packaged into casing.

    Very thin Keyboard assembly with just the right level of travel, no compromise, unlike 'new macbook'.

    Removeable Slimline Dvd Drive.

    Best of all you could upgrade/replace Memory to 2GB, Battery, DVD with an HDD/SSD.

    Upgrade IDE Hard Disk with an MSata SSD+Adapter.

    The Centrino based 1.4GHz ULV Pentium-m was an efficient little power horse, especially if you added a secondary battery, in place of the DVD.

    New laptops could learn a lot from it.

    For me, it was the perfect condensed portable.

    Not cheap though and let down by its Intel integrated graphics, that killed its upgradeability to running Win7 well. Win7 did run - just not without a Vista graphics driver fudge.

  5. ben_myers

    Toshiba brought itself down

    Toshiba brought itself down with awful unreliable laptop designs, difficulty of repair, lack of spare parts, and no service manuals available to the public. This approach might have worked 20 years ago, when hardware repair was a more close world. But it is a recipe for disaster today.

    "It says Toshiba would continue R&D..." Gimme a break! What R&D? Chipsets are standard, and so are processors, memory, network cards, hard drives and SSDs. What R&D needs to be done? Industrial design of a chassis with a consistent look-and-feel? Yes, but that is hardly R&D. Board design and layout? Outsourced.

    Exeunt Toshiba stage left. Please!

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