back to article Comcast celebrates Presidents Day with Gerald Ford impression

Comcast says it is still working to figure out the cause of an outage that hit subscribers across the US Monday. A company spokesperson told The Register that as of Tuesday morning, "Our engineers continue to work on this issue to determine its cause and find a solution to prevent it from occurring again." This after users in …

  1. Lord_Beavis

    I'm a subscriber

    And I say fuck 'em. They don't need to bother fixing it. They just need to die and go away.

    As soon as U-verse is available in my hood, I'm switching to them.

    1. PleebSmasher

      Re: I'm a subscriber

      Comcast must be terrible if you're clamoring for AT&T.

      1. Lord_Beavis

        Re: I'm a subscriber

        They're charging me a fee for a TV box that I don't have connected. When I go to drop them, I'm gonna let them know that and see how much I can screw them over.

      2. WolfFan Silver badge

        Re: I'm a subscriber

        Comcast must be terrible if you're clamoring for AT&T.

        You have no idea. No idea at all. ComLast is the Greatest Satan of Them All. Nothing else comes close, except maybe Times-Warner. The DeathStar boys think that they're evil, but they're really Kylo Ren (Darth PFY for those who haven't seen a certain movie) where ComLast is the Emperor.

  2. Tank boy

    No title, just an observation.

    My cable and internet hasn't dropped out and I live in one of the outages zones. My guess is that somebody decided to upgrade on Presidents Day and it went sideways. Overall Comcast sucks, sadly they are the only game in town.

    1. Kurt Meyer

      Re: No title, just an observation.

      "My cable and internet hasn't dropped out and I live in one of the outages zones."

      The same here.

      "Overall Comcast sucks, sadly they are the only game in town."

      The same here. ;-)

  3. cybersaur

    That's Comcastic!

    The string between the cans must have broken.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Seems to be an ongoing problem for at least a month or two. I saw that same outage map around Feb 1, with only slightly less red in the same areas, and again in early January the last time a Comcast outage made the news.

    I haven't had a problem myself, but my parents did. Maybe it's only affecting those who 'upgraded' their modems to those new monster modem+wifi+voip boxes.

    1. Lord_Beavis

      Re: Temporary?

      Maybe it's only affecting those who 'upgraded' their modems to those new monster modem+wifi+voip boxes.

      When I upgraded from DOCSIS 2.0 to 3.0 they sent me one of those. It did not like my Cisco router at all. I had them configure it so that it didn't do anything but act as a cable modem, but everytime the power went out I was on the phone with them getting them to set it back to bridged mode.

      I finally got sick of it and made them give me an actual cable modem and haven't had that trouble since.

      Fuck them if they think I am going to be their hotspot.

  5. Florida1920

    Worse than reported here

    The outage map got much worse than the one accompanying this article. At one point, all of Florida was out, except for the Panhandle. Every major Eastern city was out, and there were still reports of outages as late as 3 pm EST, much later than "Tuesday morning," even on the West Coast (the area from Portland, Ore. to Seattle was down, too, according to the map).

    If they could fix the problem they must have an idea of what caused it. It wasn't simply someone tripping over the line cord to a router.

  6. LB45

    It's not just ComCast

    TimeWarner has really been having issues the last couple of months. Several big outages usually blamed on a "cable cut".

    Was waiting on a snarky Reg article but don't recall ever seeing one. Disappointed I am.

  7. ps2os2

    COMCAST sucks

    I have been a subscriber to COMCAST for 15 years only because they are the only place to go in Chicago. The other option won't run a line to the building even though their box is right across the street. I am just fed up with COMCAST and their "support" people. Even if I get a "local" instead of India its bad. Of course Chase outsources much of their support to India as well.

    Can we get all support back to the US, PLEASE???!!!!!

    Don't get me going on forced upgrades at additional cost which I don't get any of the benefits of.

    COMCAST can go to hell and I will shove them if I have anything to do with it.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    A few years ago, people here were saying Comcast was doing everything right, networking-wise. For us it was a *huge* improvement over Verizon DSL. Still better than VZ ever was, quick to fix line problems... but 3x the price now, infrastructure in decline, and the usual infamous customer service. WTF went wrong?

    Looking forward to municipal wifi this year or next. Will keep Comcast if they give me a ~75% price cut. :)

    1. Mike 16 Silver badge

      Municipal WiFi

      Only if you and your neighbors can afford to outbid Comcast, ATT, et al. in the graft stakes with your state legislature.

      And be careful what you wish for. Many government services are subject to equipment bought on no-bid contracts from "connected" companies, labor by petulant untouchable city employees, and of course network planning by analysts who assume that WiFi propagation follows the assumed "spherical cow" model.


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