back to article Thanks for the extra memories, folks: Say hi to GridGain

GridGain Systems software provides an in-memory facility for running transactions, streaming and analytics applications using clustered x86 server nodes in a grid defined by a distributed, massively parallel architecture. It says its software enables such applications to run thousands of times faster than on disk-based systems …

  1. werdsmith Silver badge

    From the title I clicked because I thought this was going to be a piece about valves (vacuum tubes).


  2. David Dawson

    This article sponsored by GridGain, world leader in In Memory Data Grids.

    I didn't think The Register did Editorials? What's happened guys? The joy has been leeched out. Biting the hand that feeds IT? Not for the past couple of months.

    To bring a little balance to this.

    Check out :-

    * SAP Hana/ as mentioned. My review - too expensive, IDE is awful, obsessed with a database

    * Gemfire/ Apache Geode. Geode (open source) lags Gemfire slightly due to it recently open sourcing. A very nice product otherwise. Lots of use in finance, it's first niche (eg, fraud detection stuff)

    * Hazelcast - Good history, has always been open source and so has overall greater adoption than gemfire. nice integration with jvm collections.

    * Coherence - not sure where this is up to now ... It's oracle. I can't bring myself to bite down on their contractuals.

    * Terracotta - Was the hot thing 4 years ago in this space. The model didn't seem to catch on. It's more focused on being able to address a theoretically infinitely large JVM heap space. Different to the others in that they give access via a particular API, whereas terracotta appears to be local memory.

    So, there we go.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Editorial? Seemed more like an advertising brochure to me.

    1. David Dawson


      I was going for "advertorial". Got auto corrected.

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