back to article Hazy outlook for Verizon cloud storage after compute gets axed

The Grand Old Duke of Verizon has marched his troops up the public cloud storage hill; is it time to march them down again? In January 2014 Verizon was going to use Amplidata’s object storage known as Himalaya in a public cloud storage offering. Amplidata was subsequently bought by HGST in March 2014. At the time Verizon …

  1. MyffyW Silver badge

    You had me right up until the comment "We are building a dynamic ecosystem of ...." and something in my head just whistled "Bingo!"

    I woke up several minutes later with an imprint of the keyboard on the side of my face.

    - MyffyW, on--trend, bespoke, high-end, vintage, high-maintenance and cloud-based.

  2. Fatman

    Nothing new here

    VZ is """all about mobile""" and one can see their efforts in shedding aspects of their conglomerate that does not coincide with that vision.

    Like this one:

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Consadine and Clarke were legacies from Cloudswitch, a failed cloud migration tool offering. The company was purchased by Terremark prior to the Verizon purchase. Consadine sold Verizon leadership a bill of goods that put his former shop in charge of development rather than the team that had created the Enterprise Cloud. After years of political infighting and a string of missed deadlines , Verizon leadership realized that the former Cloudswitch team couldn't deliver, and combined with Siki Giunta's mismanagement, they tanked a former industry leader.

  4. midcapwarrior

    Plan B

    "It could be a sensible precaution to start thinking about creating a Plan B if you are a Verizon cloud storage customer" or a Verizon cloud employee

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