back to article Ofcom spent £10m in past 2 years desperately lobbing away sueballs

Communications regulator Ofcom spent nearly £10m over the last two years fighting off legal threats by providers, according to a Freedom of Information response. During that time the regulator splashed the cash instructing lawyers to fight off legal challenges against its decisions, as well as salaries for in-house legal bods …

  1. Richard 81

    What a waste of public money. Bloody lawyers.

    1. PleebSmasher
      Dead Vulture

      Um, NO

      Haven't you heard?

      “Ofcom’s lawyers work with colleagues to help us take decisions on how best to protect consumers and promote competition in the sectors we regulate. Our legal team also helps to defend our decisions if they are challenged in court.”

      They're like the consumers' personal lawyers!!!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "What a waste of public money. Bloody lawyers."

      Bad policy that goes unchallenged would almost certainly cost more.

      1. Panicnow

        This isnt about "Bad Policy"

        This is about rich companies being able to de-rail or at least delay ANY policy made by democratic process.

        Many of the challenges are due to loss of sovereignty to Europe. I.e. our elected law maker can be over-riled by unelected European institutions.

        As a UK business owner frequently "run-over" as a result of big corp successfully lobbying Euro institutions the sooner we get out the better

        1. Christoph

          Re: This isnt about "Bad Policy"

          Don't worry, it's not that bad. It's not a fraction as bad as it is going to be very soon when the new trade treaty gets signed and the big companies can sue governments for any law that hurts their profits, in a secret court run by themselves.

        2. Alan Brown Silver badge

          Re: This isnt about "Bad Policy"

          "This is about rich companies being able to de-rail or at least delay ANY policy made by democratic process."

          The fact that they're suing is an indication that Ofcom might be doing some things right.

          Of course, it also means Ofcom shies off the hard decisions. It would be nice if the telcos were forced to pay all legal costs (not just court ones(*)) when they lose (as they usually do).

          (*) "Costs" is tightly defined in legal parlance. Most legal consultation costs are not covered. This makes courts very much a case of "the battle of the deepest pockets"

      2. JimC

        Bloody Lawyers

        The scandal with the whole self serving legal system is not that lawyers exist, or that government or private organisations can be challenged legally, all this is necessary, and maybe even right and proper.

        The scandal is that the whole legal system has bloated and bloated, so that the actual expense of using lawyers has increased and increased. Trials that once took three days now take three weeks, three weeks three months, and is doubtful the accuracy of verdicts has greatly increased. Somethhing needs to happen so that the more excessive the expenses the less profitable the affair is for the lawyers, but I'm not clever enough to think how it could be managed.

  2. Norm DePlume

    But ...

    We've seen with the rail regulators that the government can get it badly wrong, so some legal redress is necessary. It's just a pity that it then involves large sums of money disappearing off to lawyers.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    could've spent that money on...

    ..paving the way for the girls on Babestation to be allowed to show a bit of bush!

    1. PleebSmasher
      Dead Vulture

      Re: could've spent that money on...

      You can't do these things bit by bit. You have to bare all, and penetrate the electromagnetic bounds of decency.

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