back to article Tier me up, tier me down: Cohesity adds cloud spill trays to on-premises array

Converged secondary storage startup Cohesity has added public cloud tiering, encryption and replication to its clustered storage arrays. The company wants its hyper-converged C2000 hardware and OASIS software to be a single storage platform for all of an organisation’s secondary data. V2.0 of OASIS adds: Hardware-accelerated …

  1. Alan J. Wylie

    Mammatus clouds?

    Mammatus clouds - I feel another acronym starting with "Total Inability" and ending in "down" is needed.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AWS cloud backup is a non-starter

    It's an easy to implement feature that all these players add, but in practice the costs from Amazon are horribly expensive and its cheaper to usually buy another box put it in a colo and replicate.

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